How to obtain the desired band scores in IELTS writing

Most students aspire to earn band 7 or higher in the writing module. The highest score in the writing module is band 9. A band 9 essay will have hardly any spelling, grammatical or lexical errors. Here are some tips to get the desired score.

Band 9

In order to obtain band 9, you must demonstrate sophisticated control of lexical features. Use a wide range of grammatical structures with ease and flexibility. Minor errors will be overlooked if they occur as slips.

Band 8

In order to obtain band 8, you should be able to use a wide variety of sentence patterns. Errors in spelling or word formation should be rare. The majority of sentences in your essay and letter/report should be error-free. Errors, if any, should be minor.

Band 7

A band 7 essay will have occasional errors in spelling, word formation or word choice. In order to obtain band 7, the student has to use a range of complex sentences. There should be several error-free sentences. While it is okay to make a few errors, the student should demonstrate a good control of grammar and punctuation.

Band 6

A band 6 essay or report may contain some errors in word formation or spelling. However, these errors will not impede the flow of ideas. The essay will have a mix of simple and complex sentence patterns. There will be some errors in grammar and punctuation; however, these errors will not reduce communication.

Band 5

There will be noticeable mistakes in word formation and /or spelling. These errors will also make it difficult for the reader to understand what the writer means. Sentences will be of a limited variety. While the student makes an attempt to write complex sentences, they tend to be erroneous.

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