How to improve your score in writing

For many students, writing is the most difficult module of the IELTS exam. This is not surprising, though. To get band 7.5 or higher in this module, you need a good command of English. Here are some tips for scoring high in the writing module.

The examiner uses a range of criteria to rate your IELTS essay. These include the following:

Grammatical range and accuracy

Use a variety of sentence patterns. Learn to write simple, compound and complex sentences. Try to write at least a few complex sentences in your essay. If you get them right, you will be able to score band 7 or higher.

Task fulfillment

Read the task rubric carefully and ensure that you have covered all aspects of the task. Sometimes you may be asked to give reasons for a particular trend. You may also be asked if that trend is positive or negative. In this case, you have to give reasons and then state what you think about that trend. If you only address one of these tasks, you will be penalized.

Coherence and cohesion

Make sure that your essay is logically organized into paragraphs. Use appropriate conjunctions to link clauses together. Resist the temptation to use too many cohesive elements (moreover, in addition, firstly, finally, however, on the other hand etc.). Some students start every sentence with an expression like these. That strategy will not help. Use a cohesive expression only when it is required.


Use precise vocabulary. You don’t have to use complex vocabulary to showcase your range. Use the words that people typically use in speech and writing. Avoid obscure words nobody has heard of.

These simple strategies will increase your band score in the writing module. Try answering sample essays and letter/reports. We have got plenty of sample essays and letters on this website.

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