How to improve your score in the General English in Competitive Exams?

English is an indispensable part of a government job examination where almost every exam includes English in its examination curriculum. Be it any examination, a considerable amount of examination weightage is given to the English Section. Despite this huge importance of English, many candidates leave English at the mercy of luck and guesswork, hence bear the brunt and get low marks in the English Section.

Clearly, in your quest to get a government job, you will have to master English. English is one such subject that might take some time to improve and master but once mastered, it will become your most scoring section. Hence, in this article, we will share the most practical tips to improve your score in General English.

5 Steps To Improve your Score in English of Competitive Exams

Your quest to master English stands on three pillars, namely, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading. All these sub-sections of English are interrelated in some sense, hence you will have to master all these sub-sections in totality to improve your English in its entirety.

  1. Basics of Grammar: In most cases, our basic foundation of English is crippled due to inadequate study of English at school. Without improving this basic foundation of English, one can’t improve. Henceforth the first and foremost goal of a candidate should be to study the basics of each Grammar topic religiously. You should specifically focus on fundamental chapters of Grammar like Noun, Pronoun, Verb, and Subject Verb Agreement at the beginning since these chapters in a way are the base of Grammar. Once these chapters are mastered, you can move onto Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Adjectives, etc.
  1. Mastering Vocabulary: In competitive Exams, a sufficient amount of questions are framed from the Vocabulary part of English. Moreover, the Vocabulary building process is a gradual one rather than a one-time affair. You can only improve your Vocabulary if you learn it daily and continuously revise and update it. There are hardly around 3000-4000 common words of English from which the majority of Vocabulary based questions are framed. Hence, you should first aim to study these important Vocabs, once done, you should shift to studying English Newspapers and giving Vocab Quizzes daily. 
  1. Reading & Comprehension (RC): Comprehension and Reading-based questions framed in the competitive exams are the most scoring. Basic questions based on reading skills include Rearrange the Sentences, fill-ups, Cloze tests, Comprehensions, etc. But, a person with weak reading skills combined with weak Grammar and Vocabulary will always find RC questions hard. Hence, in a way, your RC can’t improve if you haven’t worked on your Grammar and Vocabulary. On the other hand, if you start to follow a comprehensive reading routine, your Grammar and Vocabulary can improve along with your reading skills. The reason why every mentor suggests the candidates read English Newspapers and Editorials daily.
  1. Practice: No matter how much you have studied, you can’t score higher without sufficient practice. In English, we tend to make a lot of silly mistakes, thus hampering our accuracy. The high level of accuracy in English is directly proportional to the amount of practice. Hence, practice daily via Mock Tests, Quizzes, or previous Year’s papers.
  1. Test Copy: The best way to improve your score in English can be a Copy. To be precise, a copy where you note down all the wrong attempted questions and the concepts behind them. We tend to make the same mistakes at regular intervals failing to rectify them. Therefore you should make a copy where you should note down all the important questions, Vocabularies, Spellings, that you have attempted wrong in your mock test. You should revise this copy daily, it will boost your score greatly and will also increase your accuracy in the real examination.

Everything is possible if you do it the right way- the same is apt for improving English for competitive exams. Hence, follow the tips in the article earnestly, and witness your English score improving gradually.

Manjusha Nambiar

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