How to improve your band score?

All students who prepare for IELTS have just one question in their mind. How can I get the band score I need to secure admission to the university of my choice?

There is no shortcut for success

Well, at the outset itself, I would like to point out that there are no shortcuts for success in IELTS and there is no magic formula that would dramatically raise your score in a few days. IELTS is essentially a test of English language. Of course, it has many attributes that make it distinct from other English tests. Still, it is a test designed to assess your proficiency in English. If you aren’t already proficient in English, your chances of getting a good score are slim even with proper coaching.

Work on your weak areas

Learning a second language requires time and patience. Most students who prepare for the test have already learned the language at school and college level. Still many of them don’t know much English. If you are one of those students struggling with grammar and vocabulary, the first thing you need to do is to work on improving them.

Find other students preparing for IELTS

Some students have good writing skills in English, but their speaking skills are below average. This is because they hardly ever get an opportunity to converse in English. If you also face this problem, you must try to find opportunities to speak English. The internet is a great place to find other people who are also preparing for IELTS. Befriend native English speakers you find on social networking sites or English language forums. Ask them if they would like to talk with you over a voice messaging system. This can be a great way to improve your speaking skills. Remember that speaking skills are fairly easy to develop. You just need some practice.

Learn grammar

The writing section requires more preparation and for many students it is the toughest part of the test. Do not attempt a test like IELTS without learning grammar. It is true that IELTS doesn’t have a section on grammar. Still, good grammar skills are essential to score well in all four sections of the test. If you know enough grammar you should have no difficulty getting a good band score.

Attempt practice tests

This is equally important. By doing practice tests, you can learn useful exam techniques that will improve your score.

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