Health Experts Claim That Walking Is The Best Exercise

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While it is true that walking is one of the best forms of exercise, very few people actually walk these days. The main reason for this development is the easy access to motor vehicles. The busy lifestyle that most people follow these days also makes them reluctant to walk.

Technology has developed considerably over the years. Nowadays, motor transport is available in every nook and corner of the world. Consequently, people do not have to do much walking. Also, many people now own cars or motorbikes and they prefer to drive rather than walk even for covering short distances. Another reason that discourages people from walking is their busy lifestyle. Walking takes time which nobody can spare these days. Everybody is trying to save time and eliminating walking from their daily routine is one way they accomplish this. Unfortunately, when people do not walk, their lifestyle becomes sedentary and they develop various health problems. In this age of automated tasks, walking is perhaps the only way for most people to add some physical activity to their routine and when they refuse to walk even to the next cubicle, they are unwittingly inviting lots of health problems like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Creating awareness is definitely the best solution for this problem. Many people are still unaware of the health consequences of an inactive lifestyle. If they are made to realize that by not walking they are not helping their health and fitness, they will change the habit. School programs should teach students the benefits of walking. The health department can launch various awareness campaigns too. The government can rope in media and celebrities to promote the culture of walking. It will also help to have walking lanes in busy cities where congestion discourages people from walking.

To conclude, people do not walk much these days because they have easy access to motor transport. Creating awareness about the health benefits of walking is definitely the most effective way to promote this habit.

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