Having A Set Retirement Age For All Is Not Fair | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that having a set retirement age for everybody, regardless of occupation, is unfair. They believe that certain workers deserve to retire and receive a pension at an earlier age. Do you agree or disagree? Which types of workers do you think should benefit from early retirement?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

People often debate what the appropriate retirement age is. According to some, having a standard retirement age for all professionals is not fair. I agree with this view. In my opinion, people working in industries that demand higher levels of endurance and agility should be given early retirement.

The idea of a standard retirement age for all professionals is certainly flawed. This is because different jobs have different requirements. For example, people working in military and police department need higher levels of physical fitness and mental agility. Since fitness levels decrease with age, they need early retirement. Pilots, drivers and motormen should also be given early retirement because of the demands of their job. They have to stay focused for hours on end. Since attention spans tend to decrease as people age, they cannot be allowed to work into their 60’s. Likewise, people working in the construction and mining sectors also need early retirement. These jobs pose a lot of health hazards and as such people performing them should be given early retirement.

On the other hand, there are certain jobs where experience matters more than anything else. For example, age is not a barrier for teaching. Because of this reason, teachers should be allowed to work as long as they want. Nurses and other health care providers should also be allowed to work if they can.

To conclude, a standard retirement age for all workers is not a wise idea and people working in industries that demand higher levels of physical and mental fitness should be given early retirement. In my opinion, before setting the retirement age for various industries, authorities should consider the specific nature of the job and the hazards posed by it.

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3 Responses

  1. Mohamed Ashif says:

    Retirement age is hotly debated nowadays. Although some believe that people in certain profession like astronaut, military should retire early and start to get pension, others counteract and saying age to retire is common for all. However in my opinion i strongly agree that people at certain profession should get retire early and subjected to get pension.

    Obviously There is no doubt that people working in profession which require physical activity and mental agility should get retire early. Because once they get older their physical power and mental stability would not be like before. For example in military profession handling gun and fighting with enemies is one of the most important activity. certainly after once they get aged they would not be able to handle all this things because their physical strength would be reduced and not be same as like how they had before. So its better for this kind of profession to get retire early. Another instance for early retirement profession is drivers. These profession needs good eye vision and also have to wake up long time. For example truck drivers mostly have to wake up all the night. In India more then 80% of truck accidents is because of having old people as driver only.

    Admittedly people in some profession like teacher, Scientist do not need to get retire early. Because these jobs do not need any extra effort. Interest is enough for them to get succeed in work. Indian scientist Dr. APJ. Abdul kalam who worked until 80 years old in his scientist profession and discovered lot of things for military force which still no once can discover anything more advanced than that. And also there is a good record in history that old people are doing good in this job than younger people. As a result people doesnt need lot of physical activity do not need to get retire early.

    In conclusion, it is good to have early retirement for some profession only. Profession which does not need any physical power and more mental agility do not need to have early retirement.

  2. Basma says:

    There’s no doubt that this days people are taking out of their occupation due to retirement age , according to some people it’s unfair, actually l agree with this view .
    In terms of agreement, many people just get bigger by the number not proficiency, to illustrate, many of old age people have enough knowledge and experience that benefit the work place,in addition, people may have passion to work and admire what they are doing so take them out it will be crucial , there is many types of work can be suitable for them as supervisor also ,advisory,writer an Articles or anything else.
    In the other hand, retirement age it’s useful in many causes, old age people there body ability are limited,easily get sick and exhausted, consequently, the work will be effected the stress environment not possible for them.
    To conclude age retirement should be taken according to the proficiency at work, Hance, there’s many jobs suitable for old age

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