Grade B OET Letter Sample | Tom Cribb

Here is a grade B OET letter sample. You can find the case notes below.



Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows.


Assume Today’s Date: 01/06/10

Patient History

Tom Cribb D.O.B: 23/5/82

Unemployed – builder’s labourer recently made redundant because of lack of work

Married/no children

Wife works full time as shop assistant

No hobbies

Smokes 5-6 cig/day, drinks 2-5u of alcohol per week

Father has hypertension

Mother died at 60 due to breast cancer

No known allergies



Very severe pain in lower R abdomen for 3 hrs, radiated to groin, nausea, no vomiting

No red colour urine – frequency normal

No history of trauma, No fever

Anxious about finding new job ASAP – has to make regular home mortgage repayments


BP: 120/80

PR: 80 BPM

Ab-mild tenderness in lower abdo, no guarding and rebound


Diagnosis? Ureteric colic due to renal stone

Diclofenac sodium 50mg suppository dose given and 50mg b.i.d. for 5 days

Advised to drink moderate amount of fluid with regular exercise, especially walking for 2-3 days

Review after 2 days with IVP report, UFR report



No pain, no new complaints


IVP-L/kidney-nl R/enlarged kidney which was ectopic. No evidence of stones

UFR-few red cells

Advised to drink more fluid especially in hot weather

Ordered ultrasound of abdomen to exclude any kidney pathology and review in 2 weeks



Had mild R sided lower abdominal pain 5 days ago, responded to Panadol

Ultrasound-severe hydronephrosis? Mass attached to the liver, L/kidney, spleen, pancreases normal

Rehired as builder’s labourer on new job due to start in two weeks -keen to get back to work.


BP: 140/90

PR: 98 regular

Ab-mass in R/lower abdominal area. RDE-felt a hard mass & kidney situated below normal site.

Hydronephrosis +


Refer to a urologist for further investigation including CT scan and assessment.

Writing Task:

You are a General Practitioner at a Southport Clinic. Tom Cribb is your patient.

Using the information in the case notes, write a letter of referral to urologist for CT scan and

assessment. Address the letter: Dr B Comber, Urologist, Southport Hospital, Gold Coast

In your answer:

● Expand the relevant case notes into complete sentences

● Do not use note form

● Use correct letter format

The body of your letter should be approximately 200 words. Use correct letter format.

Sample letter

Dr. B. Comber


Southport Hospital

Gold Coast

Date: 01/06/10

Dear Doctor

Re: Mr. Tom Cribb, DOB: 23/5/82

I am writing to refer Mr. Cribb who is suffering from hydronephrosis. He requires further assessment of his symptoms and a CT scan.

Mr. Cribb visited my clinic on 12the May, 2010 complaining of severe lower right abdominal pain radiating to the groin. It was associated with nausea without vomiting. The urine frequency was normal with no history of trauma or fever. The physical examination showed normal vitals. A mild tenderness could be felt in the lower abdomen but it was not associated with guarding or rigidity. The diagnosis was suspected to be ureteric colic due to renal stone for which he was prescribed diclofenac sodium. He was advised to drink moderate amount of fluid and take regular exercise. A review was arranged after 2 days with IVP and UFR reports.

On 14/05/10 his IVP report showed an enlarged and ectopic right kidney. There was no evidence of stones. The UFR showed few red cells. An ultrasound was ordered. On 01/06/10, Mr. Cribb presented to my clinic with his ultrasound report which showed a mass attached to the liver. On abdominal examination, a mass in the right lower abdominal area could be felt. On RDE, a hard mass could be felt and kidney was found to be situated below the normal site. The diagnosis was confirmed to be hydronephrosis.

Please note that Mr. Cribb has a significant family history of hypertension. He smokes 5-6 cigarettes per day and drinks 2-5 units of alcohol per week.

I would appreciate it if you could conduct an assessment of Mr. Cribb’s symptoms and carry out further investigations including a CT scan.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


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