Grade B OET Letter Sample | Mrs. Priya Sharma

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Sample letter

Dr. Lisa Smith


City Hospital


Date: 10/02/2019

Dear Dr. Smith

Re: Mrs. Priya Sharma, DOB:-08/05/1958

I am writing to refer Mrs. Priya sharma who has been suffering from Type 2 diabetes since 1999. She requires further management of her blood sugar levels.

Mrs. Sharma first visited my office on 29 December 2018, concerned that her glucose levels were not controlled well. She went to a health care centre and felt that they were not taking her concerns seriously. Her recent blood sugar levels fluctuated between 6 and 18. Her last eye checkup / exam was back in October 2017 and the results were normal. On examination, her blood pressure was found to be elevated at 155/100mm Hg, and no peripheral neuropathies were observed. She was advised FBE, U&Es, creatinine, LFTs, full lipid profile and HbA1C pathological tests. She was prescribed Candesartan tab for her raised blood pressure. A review was arranged for her after 2 weeks.

She received her laboratory reports on 05 Jan 2019 and it showed increased HbA1C and Cholesterol levels. Other parameters were found to be normal. The following week, she was prescribed changes in her medication which included increase in the dosage of Metformin and an addition of Glipizide. Despite taking these drugs, her cholesterol and blood sugar levels continue to remain high.

Mrs. Sharma has a family history of type 2 diabetes. She reached menopause 12 years ago. She is not addicted to any substance and doesn’t follow any formal exercise regime.

I would appreciate it if you could assist Mrs. Sharma with further management of her blood sugar levels.

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Manjusha Nambiar

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