Governments Should Spend Money On Railways Rather Than Roads | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, the authorities should invest in trains instead of roadways. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, roads are as important as railways and hence the government should allocate appropriate funding for both.

There are certainly ample reasons to spend taxpayer’s money on railways. Trains can carry more people. Also, they are eco-friendly. Unlike cars or buses they do not emit poisonous gases which pollute the air. Another advantage of using trains is that they do not get stuck in traffic. People can reach their destinations on time. Trains also tend to be faster and safer. Better still, in most countries around the world, train fares are considerably lower than bus fares or taxi fares.

On the flip side, roads are equally important. The construction of railways is not possible in certain geographical areas and in such places roads are the only mode of transport for people. Also, rail networks cannot reach every nook and corner of a country. Actually, most people use both roads and railways to commute to college or work. For example, they may take the bus or car to reach the railway station and from there they may take the train to reach their office.  If there are no roads or if the existing roads are in a pathetic condition, people will have trouble reaching their destinations.

In conclusion, roadways and railways are both essential for making travelling hassle free for people. Hence, I do not agree with the argument that the government should invest more on railways. Rather, it should give equal importance to both modes of transport.

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10 Responses

  1. Saurabh Maheshwari says:

    Due to the advent of globalization, various societies around the world are beginning to have more number of similarities. However, some people are afraid that this will eventually result into a complete loss of cultural identity. I completely disagree with the statement as cultures are known to have flourished on account of exposure and it can also lead to better understanding of people in general if we are aware of their backgrounds, beliefs and various rituals.

    In this age of globalization, cultures are rapidly growing across borders. This is quite an encouraging sign as it provides an opportunity of evolution. In other words, people now have an opportunity to spread their learning and beliefs beyond a limited group of people which can lead to very healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts. This way, varied cultures have an opportunity to grow and attain longevity. This is greatly aided by internet which has virtually erased the boundaries.

    Furthermore, as people get to know different cultures and backgrounds, it helps immensely in understanding different people and their mental make-up. This can help create awareness about the under-privileged and the weaker sections of society. More importantly, it will lead to a more balanced, inclusive and secular society where we treat everyone as equal regardless of their religion, social strata, race, nationality or even colour.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that when varied cultures combine, they only give rise to synergy and provide sustainability and therefore, one should not raise concerns about losing their own culture.

  2. Syed Ahsan says:

    Question: – Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those who are nearby. Therefore, smoking
    should be banned in public places. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Smoking in civic places has become a trend nowadays in national places. Emitting fumes not only effects
    the one who is emitting smoke, but also the people who are near them. Hence, it should be prohibited
    in open places. This essay will argue why this act should be forbidden in the crowded places.
    To begin with, smoking of cigar is not only toxic to smokers but also to the nonsmokers. The smoke is
    harmful to nonsmoker’s lung, as it enters into the nostrils and have an adverse effect on their
    respiratory system. Furthermore, there are some people, who have allergic reactions to the fragrance of
    this smell and they may have problems such as itching and sneezing rapidly. For example, in UK a survey
    report of annual percentage of nonsmoker’s suffering from this smoke was recorded which saw nearly
    20% increment from the last year.
    In addition, we should conduct a health campaign and promote the ill effects of these type of
    intoxication in the society for awareness. Moreover, the government officials should impose a huge tax
    on shops selling these products in open areas and also fix gigantic fines on an individual who is found
    guilty of this offence. For instance, a report submitted by narcotics department in Indonesia stated that
    after implementing colossal tariff on producing these harmful substances there was nearly 95%
    reduction in smoking at metropolitan places.
    In conclusion, smoking in accessible places has become a continuous practice nowadays which harms
    the ordinary people in huge way, as well as to people who smoke on a regular basis. This essay argued
    why these health threatening materials should be made illegal in public places. In my opinion, I believe
    as for the health precaution these destructive stuffs should be outlawed by the higher officials.

  3. Tarun says:

    Some people believe that team sports are very important for children to succeed in their career,others disagree ?Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Many individuals believe that for children to perform well in their career, participation in team sports is a pre-requisite while others are of the view that mere involvement in team sports does not guarantee a successful career. I however strongly agree with the former viewpoint as skills developed by playing team sports are an added advantage, thereby making children stand apart from the crowd in their field of work.

    Team sports are of utmost importance in shaping career of children as they inculcate in them certain qualities right from their early age. Firstly, team sports helps children to develop ability of working in a team with diverse set of people which is very vital for maintaining workspace environment .Secondly, team sports help children recognize their hidden leadership skills. These leadership skills become engine of career growth as employers round the globe are in search for people who can manage teams effectively. To illustrate this, a line manager handling a team of software engineers earns way more than the individual software engineers as he /she is effectively getting the work done from team.

    On the contrary, certain sections of society have a view point that if a child is not having strong academic credentials then skills learnt by way of team sports will be of no use. Moreover, children aligning themselves more towards sports than studies end up nowhere in their career.

    In conclusion, children involved in team sports perform exceedingly well in their career as compared to children who have either little or no interest in team sports.

  4. Manju says:

    I strongly believe that governments should spend on enhancing railways and making it more reliable for its citizens. I am on this opinion as trains can carry a larger number of people than vehicles such as buses, vans on road thereby reducing the traffic overhead that one usually faces when travelling by road. This would allow people to reach their destination on time without causing any delay in resuming their daily work.

    The number of accidents caused by trains are far less compared to the accident that occurs on roads. This ensures safetly of people travelling by trains to a large extent.
    Also I believe that travelling by train is economic and budget-friendly as compared to travelling by roads wherein a huge amount of money is spent on petrol or diesel based on the mileage of the vehicle on roads.

    With the emerging metro railways which aids common people in travelling to their daily work without any delay, I feel that governments should spend more on enabling more metro railways in every city of the country and also on enabling trains between all major cities of the country.

  5. Mazed Ahmed says:

    Nowadays traffic system is better then any other transportation system. Railways are more safer then road vhicles,however in my point of view road vhicle or railway sustem doing equal impact on our daily life, so it is not necessary to spend more on railways rather then roads, government should spend money equal on both side.

    world is developing rapidly, people using more and more advanced vhicles and rails. First of all, railways are faster and safer then roads. Everyday lots of peoples are dying in road accident because of unsafe traffis system.In railways people can travel safe and they can go to the destination in exact time.For example roads have traffic signals or traffic jam. Beacuse of this, people do not reach on time to the destination. Secondly,railways can carry more the hundred people in one time. the cost of railways are more cheaper then road vhicles.

    However, roads are very essensial for short journey. First of all, emergency needs, like, some time people physically injured by somehow, then we need a car or ambulance and proper road without any roads potholes. This emergency situation we can’t use train. Secondly if we choose to go with railways then first we need car or another vhicles to reach the train station, whereas, roads should be well decorated and easy to reach the destination. roads are also emportant as well as railways, rails are better then vhicles, people use railways on long travelling and carrying huge. Vhicles are useful to reach station , emergency , short journey (under city).

    To conclude, world most advanced countries using railways for transporting and travelling and also making very good rosds because peoples need vhicles also to make life more easy . All of this being said, i believe that, government should spend equal money on railways and roads.

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