Governments Prohibit Underage Children From Getting Full Time Jobs In Certain Countries | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Governments prohibit underage children from getting full time jobs in certain countries. Is it a good thing or bad?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Full-time employment, in numerous nations, is forbidden by the regime especially for children under a specific age. Considering it to be a positive approach, I assert that it is essential for the betterment of not only adolescents but also the future of the economy.

Poverty is the prime reason encouraging child labour. Poor and illiterate people commonly consider more offspring as potential earners and keep on adding to the problem of overpopulation which results in a vicious circle of non-development of the overall financial system of the country. A normal young person is supposed to have good education along with a fun-filled childhood; however, in order to generate income for the family members, they get involved in extensive labour which deprives them of their basic human rights.

Moreover, due to unawareness, most of the times, such children are employed in several risky jobs which adults refuse to perform. For example, mostly young kids are employed in firework factories as they are unaware of the health hazards caused by the chemicals used for making cracker. Resultantly, they suffer from various illnesses, both mental and physical, like asthma, TB, cancer etcetera. Additionally, several employers try to exploit young workers by paying them less than what they would pay adults. Hence, it is beneficial to prohibit children from full-time employment.

To conclude, I reiterate that it is beneficial / advantageous to have stringent laws against child labour as it hampers the proper growth of future nation-builders. Banning child labour improves the prospect of children receiving at least basic education and decent nutrition.

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