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What for? 

Writing is one of the modern forms of art, so to say. Demands of society grow day after day. That’s why anyone desiring to reach their full potential and become a high-flyer should master the skills of writing well.

Where to find liable samples

You may find essay samples on various websites. The strong start depends on the type of essay you are required. Each of them has its own peculiarities which mustn’t be neglected. Choosing the correct type and sample of an essay and the corresponding structure already makes half of your academic success.

How to Kickstart Your Writing

Oftentimes this can become a real challenge. You’re puzzling about what to begin with, which details of your topics to feed the audience with, what kind of vocabulary to use and what kind to eliminate…  The list can go on and on.

To the inexperienced, it may seem that this is a big hardship. But we suggest that the way to learn writing essays number one is to follow a decent example.   

Types of Essays

Though essay types are numerous and make more than a dozen, this post will focus on four most well-spread ones:

  • Argumentative essays. Basically, their essence is ‘Why I am right’ –  here it is necessary to present your strong viewpoint and valid evidence. Readers’ opinions may sway, but when the essay is finished they end up either totally supporting you or believing the exact opposite.

    The most prevailing format of an essay, by the way, is 5 paragraphs. You’ll see it practically in every sample. Remember that it is always better to divide your ideas into short comprehensive parts to make them more reader-friendly. Still, if you doubt the structure demanded specifically of you, consult your assignment-giver. 
  • Descriptive essays. This type differs radically. While argumentative and comparing essays are based on clear proofs, reasons and data, here you will have to appeal to feelings. 

Pure facts will be of no help in this case – the real aim to write a descriptive essay is to establish an emotional connection with the target audience. In the end, that’s what we remember most vividly – what affected our very soul.

Here are some useful tips for such type:

  1. Mind the vocabulary you pick – it should reflect the style of the writing.
  2. How you portray key features of the object matters as well; here you may rely on several of five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. 
  3. Make it sophisticated, yet simple. Any sentence which loads a reader with burdensome words is a mistake to be corrected. 
  4. Enjoy the process! The more affection you put into words, the more satisfaction writing in English will bring.
  • Narrative essays. Have you ever wanted to share your own experience in a unique way? Narrative essays are a good chance to make it. Whether it is a journey, a memory from childhood or the latest dinner at the restaurant – it will do. You only have to choose topics which will fit in your assignment and pick a sample.  

Tips for writing a narrative essay:

  1. Concentrate on a few key situations; do not necessarily make a chronological outline of every detail, take the brightest episodes instead. 
  2. Avoid Passive Voice, as well as the 2nd and the 3rd person. After all, this is your personal story, not a thesis work.
  3. Write in the Present Tense – it is a natural thing for narrative essays.
  4. Use your own neologisms, slang, idioms. They will make your English more dynamic than ever.
  • Compare-and-contrast essays. This kind is based on finding similarities and differences between two object or ideas, showing your ability to think critically. 

Dwell on identical parts – compare, and describe divergence – contrast the most essential sides of what you’re considering. Make use of the relations of the objects you are comparing, spheres of life they are engaged in etc. Going above and beyond in your analysis displays that your knowledge is far from superficial.

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