Globalisation Has Both Advantages And Disadvantages | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Globalisation has both advantages and disadvantages. Discuss both and give your opinion

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The world is now more global than before as there is increased trade and culture exchange. This essay will outline the advantages and drawbacks of this development, and In (remove the capital letter) my opinion, the benefits are more important.

On the one hand, it is often thought by some that allowing nations to interact with one another brings many disadvantages. Firstly, immigrants find it difficult to adapt to their new environment. Many people who are working or studying in other countries find it challenging to interact with locals because of the language barrier and feel isolated. Moreover, the weather is another challenge. Secondly, international students face racism. For example, a recent survey by California University found that over 30% of students from other countries are bullied daily because of their colour.

On the other hand, others believe that there are numerous benefits for countries becoming global, and I agree. First of these is the increase in revenue. As companies establish branches in many different parts of the world, supplying goods and services, they create numerous job opportunities. This reduces the unemployment rate and increases the living standards of people all over the world. The growing trade relations between countries also help to establish peace in the world. In addition to this, the increased interaction among people of diverse cultures has made them more tolerant of differences.

To conclude, I believe that globalization is beneficial because the increasing interaction among various countries allows for economic growth and closer relationships despite the challenges of cultural differences and climate conditions.

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  1. Randa says:

    Nowadays, we are living in the era of globalization in which the world becomes a global village as a result of the effective transportation and electronic communication. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this issue and provide my opinion why the merits are superior.

    To begin with, it is often argued that globalization may lead to loss of cultural identity between nations. To illustrate, the affordable electronic communication on the internet and social media websites has affected the way people are connected to their traditions and morals. Consequently, many young people admire and follow the traditions of other nations and forget their own ones. Moreover, the racism rate has increased significantly due to immigration of large numbers of citizens from developing countries to developed ones with the help of the effective transportation.

    Regarding the advantages, one of the most important effects of globalization is that it would help the developing world progress faster. This would happen by reducing the border restrictions and allowing companies to open branches all over the world and also allowing countries to import and export goods between each other. Moreover, if companies establish new branches in other places, this will offer more job opportunities for poor people who really struggle to survive and help increase their standard of living. Undoubtedly, those are the reasons why I believe that the merits of globalization are much more than the possible demerits.

    To conclude, technology and advanced transportation have shifted the way we live from being isolated from each other to being as we are living in a small village and this change has many advantages which far outweigh its disadvantages.

  2. Nadine says:

    Nowadays, the world has become more global allowing cultures and objects to be exchanged overseas. Globalisation has brought several advantages as well as disadvantages which will be discussed in this essay. From my own perspective, the benefits outweigh the possible drawbacks.
    Such a development is claimed to have negative effects on the world. The first unfavourable impact is the loss of identity and culture. To elaborate, it is now possible to learn about other cultures through the use of internet enabled devices. Consequently, many people, especially youngsters have started to follow the traditions of other countries instead of their own culture. Not only does globalisation jeopardise the country’s identity, but it also increases racism. It is believed that discrimination has peaked off during the previous years as a result of the free movement of people from one region to another.
    On the other hand, globalisation might be highly advantageous for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there is no doubt that businesses have benefitted a lot due to the ability to import and export different goods from a wide range of markets, which in turn, increases their revenue. Moreover, the worldwide unemployment rate might decrease. To cite an example, people who live in areas of high unemployment rate are now able to move to another country, where more job opportunities might be available. As a result, living standards would increase; thus help people who are below the poverty line.
    To conclude, globalisation has simplified many aspects of life, therefore, I completely agree that its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

  3. Uma says:

    Globalisation and localisation are two of the most important words which we are getting across from the past two decades. Earlier we use to have fully local centric business system which had very few opportunities for employment. From the past few years the trading is happening among multiple countries which in turn increasing the good relation among different nations and also increasing the standard of living.

    Along side of the trading, we have a couple of other advantages with globalisation like exchanging the cultures, food habbits etc. It also encourages for different kinds of businesses in the local market. For instance until the 21st century we might not known different food items which can be consumed in the USA or China. But now we can observe multiple cuisines opened in India or Pakistan or many other asian countries with names like Chinese food items or Thai Restaurants etc. This example will clearly depicts that globalisation has reached so extent that any one can get their local food in other countries.

    Though we have an enormous number of advantages, we do consider few limitations with the extended globalisation. Due to the more encourgaement of the globaliosation, majority of the manpower is moving to developed countries by leaving their home nation, which is resulting to the talented resource crunch to the developing countries and which is affecting the growth of the nation as well.

    To conclude the globalization has many advantages compared to the limitations. I strongly agree that the globalization should be continued until all the nations becomes developed nations. To achieve this each and every country has to work very cooperatively and collaboratively.

  4. Momoh Ayuba says:

    The world is fast becoming interconnected, so as much that people of different races interact freely. This global interactions have it’s merits and demerit. In my opinion, I think the merits outweigh the demerits.

    The spate of terrorism has been on the rise in recent times. Different terrorist organization now have easy access to other groups in different continents. This is as a result of easy interactions between these groups. For instance, the rate of insurgency has increased in West Africa because of the easy link with the ISIS group in Iraq and Syria. This is a big threat to the existing peace enjoyed in the region.

    However, despite this threat, global mingling has more benefits than can be imagined. There is a global collaborative efforts between nations of the world to combat deadly disease. The world health organisation is borne out of such initiative and it has helped in preventing many diseases. For example, the world’s most deadly disease, smallpox, was eradicated through global interventions. In addition, the world is almost at the point of eradicating poliomyelitis, a disease condition which has caused a lot of childhood morbidities.

    I’m conclusion, free association between nations has its positives and negatives. It has promoted civil unrest in most regions of the world. However, its benefits include providing a more healthy environment and I strongly believe that it has brought more good than evil

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