Global Warming Is One Of The Biggest Threats Humans Face In The 21st Century And Sea Levels Are Continuing To Rise At Alarming Rates

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Global warming has led to the melting of the glaciers and unusual weather conditions across the world and today it is one of the biggest problems faced by humanity.

The foremost problems caused by global warming are flooding of many coastal areas and contamination of groundwater. Rise in temperature has caused glaciers to melt. This causes sea levels to rise all over the world and consequently coastal cities are now under the threat of getting submerged. If this trend continues, before long, some of the most prosperous and populous coastal cities of the world will soon be under water. The rising temperatures have also affected weather patterns. While hurricanes and floods are becoming more common in some parts of the world, massive fires are raging in other parts causing widespread damage to both humans and wildlife.  

Global warming is caused by an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. One of the main causes of the emission of these gases is the burning of fossil fuels. By switching to cleaner fuels to solar, wind or nuclear, we can reduce our consumption of fossil fuels to a great extent. While this measure is unlikely to completely reverse the damage, it will be possible to prevent the planet from heating up any further. Limiting our consumption of resources and adopting a simpler life are other possible measures.

In conclusion, global warming is a massive risk because it is causing the landscapes to shrink and coastal areas to become submerged due to rising sea levels. Limiting the amount of green house gases in the atmosphere is the most effective way to prevent the planet from heating up any further.

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