Fossil Fuels Are The Main Source Of Energy Around The World

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Right now, we mainly derive energy from non-renewable sources like coal and petroleum. Some people argue that it is time we switched to renewable sources like wind or solar. I fully support this move because renewable sources are clean and green and provide a limitless supply for energy.

The main advantage of switching to renewable sources of energy is that they do not harm the environment. This is not the case with fossil fuels. Their burning releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere and hence they pollute the air. Worse still, fossil fuels like coal and petrol have also been linked to global warming. When the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, temperatures increase and cause the melting of glaciers. In turn this causes the sea levels to rise and coastal areas to become submerged. Another downside of depending on fossil fuels is that their supply is getting exhausted. Studies have shown that the remaining amount of coal and oil can satisfy our need for only a few more decades. Obviously switching to alternative sources is the need of the hour.

Of course, renewable sources have some limitations that prevent their large scale adoption. For example, it takes a huge amount of money to set up a wind farm. Likewise, solar panels are also expensive. Even so, in the long term, these energy sources are more cost effective. Also, there is no fear of them getting exhausted because as long as the sun and wind exist, we can derive energy from them.

To conclude, switching to alternative energy sources like wind or sun is a positive development because their supply will never be exhausted. Also, they provide clean energy that does not pollute the environment.

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