Fish Pie Production Line | IELTS Report Sample

The diagrams below give information about the manufacture of frozen fish pies. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample

The illustration depicts the processes involved in the production of frozen fish pies. The final product comes in a microwaveable container and includes a layer of ingredients such as peas, sauce, fish along with potato.

Overall,  we see a dual process starting at different junctures. One process (potatoes) is completely dependent on the technology, whereas the other (fish) is a combination of manual labour and technology. In the first step, a heap of potatoes are delivered to the manufacturing unit almost a month in advance. Once sent to the warehouse, the initial process of cleaning, peeling and slicing begins. They are then boiled, chilled and stored in gunny bag for later use.

The second step invovles the delivery of the salmon less than 12 hours before packaging. The fish fillets are placed on the machine where lemon juice and salt are sprinkled on them. The pieces are then steamed in an oven. The production team goes on to debone the fish and remove its skin, afterwhich these fillets are inspected by another team member. Towards the end of the process, prepared peas, sauce and the earlier stocked potatoes are poured into a microwaveable bowl. A worker then wraps the final product which is frozen before it is dispatched to the stores.

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