Films Can Be Watched On Mobiles And There Is No Need To Go To Cinema | Band 9 Essay Sample

Some people say that now that we can see films on our phones or tablets there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Band 9 essay sample

Many people prefer watching movies on their smart devices rather than going to the theatre; however, there are still many others who insist that a movie should be watched at the cinema for a better experience. In my opinion, the movie experience offered by the small screen is different from that is offered by the big screen. However, both are viable ways to enjoy a movie.

On the one hand, convenience is the most important factor for people who prefer to watch movies on their smart phones or tablets. On a smart device, anyone can watch any movie of their choice at a time and place convenient to them. For instance, anyone stuck in traffic for long hours can kill boredom by watching movies on their phone. These smart technologies also provide the option of skipping entire scenes that the viewer finds boring. Additionally, it is economical for a viewer to watch movies on tablets and smart phones. Streaming services such as Netflix and Hotstar offer movie subscriptions at very affordable prices. They have movies that cater to any taste.

On the other hand, watching a movie at the theatre has its advantages, such as advanced sound effects and a wider viewing screen. For instance, action movies are more enjoyable when watched at a theatre due to better sound quality. Furthermore, many 3-D movies are designed for only cinemas and they cannot be watched at home or on any other devices. For example, movies such as Avatar and Captain Marvel are enjoyed the most when watched on a big screen. There is yet another reason to watch movies at the cinema. It is an opportunity for families to go out and spend some quality time together.

In conclusion, the size of the screen does not really matter and a movie can be enjoyed on a small screen as well as at the cinema. It all depends on the preferences of the viewer.

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10 Responses

  1. Sreelakshmi says:

    It is often thought by some people that movie can be watched in electronic gadgets, for instance, mobile phone and tablet and, therefore, need not got to Cinema. However, there are some others who feel that for the full enjoyment, movie ought to be watched in Cinema. In my opinion, viewing in big screen gives the essence of a movie and hence, is the best way to watch.

    On the one hand, there are people who believe that movie can be enjoyed in phones or tablets as it gives us flexibility. In other words, it is easy to watch, pause and resume the movie in mobile according to our wish. Moreover, since it is easy to carry these gadgets, we can enjoy movie even if we are travelling. Another point to consider is that if we watch movie in phones, it can be viewed many times and hence, helps us to save money from buying tickets.

    On the other hand it is often argued by some people that to enjoy the movie to the fullest, we need to go to cinemas and I agree with them. Firstly, the sound effect as well as the theatre ambience gives us a chance to enjoy the life of the movie. For instance, it is undeniable that watching movie in big screen not only gives the viewer sense of satisfaction but also the idea conveyed by the director easily. Secondly, since the screen is of adequate distance from the seat, it does not give strain to our eyes. That means, a person can enjoy the movie even if he watches continuously for two or three hours.

    To conclude, although movie can be watched by various means, the best way to completely enjoy it is to go to Cinema.

  2. Aashutosh says:

    With the advancement in technology, smartphones are being widely used for entertainment purposes, including watching movies. Some people argue that, as films can be seen on phones, it is not necessary to go to theatres while others disagree and think that films should be watched in cinemas to entertain oneself to the fullest. While our own phones provide utter convenience in watching movies, some movies are worth watching in cinemas to enjoy the visual effect that the film-makers intend to show to the viewers.

    In most of the cases, it is far more feasible to watch movies in our smart devices. It is because we have it with ourselves almost all the time and whichever movie we want to watch can be readily found in the internet. Recent popular movie channels namely Netflix and YouTube have been the main reasons for this. If someone have to wait his friend or relatives in a bus station for hours, for instance, he could kill the boredom by just searching his favorite movie and spend the leisure time watching it. But going to theatre takes some time to make plan, book tickets and one have to schedule time for just the movie and travel to the theatre; it could cause inconvenience sometime. Thus, this concludes that using phones or tablets is the most convenient way to watch movies rather than visiting cinemas to do that.

    On the other hand, watching some type of movies in cinemas brings most joy. In other words, animated movies and 3D movies can only be the best experience when watched in large screens. This is because, bigger screens have the ability to display all the detailed visual effects which is designed by the animation specialists for the audiences. Such fun cannot be achieved through smartphones because of its tiny screen as compared to the cinemas. In addition, if one wants to share some time with his family or friends, it is better to go to theatre in terms of comfort and fun. To elaborate, the seating arrangements at cinemas are far comfortable than at home and watching clearly at the screen with ease and having fun together has its own sense of togetherness which might not be acquired when seeing the same movie in phones. Therefore, it is clear that it is sometimes necessary to go to cinema to watch certain types of movies to have most of the fun in groups.

    To summarize, movies can be seen both in mobile phones and cinema. However, depending upon the purpose and situation that one is in, it can be opted whether to watch using tablets or visit the theatre. In my opinion, if someone have to just pass the time alone, it is better to use his own phone but in groups, it is more excitement in seeing it in theaters.

  3. Amarie says:

    In as much as movies can be viewed on our mobile devices via box office streaming or internet downloads; I am of the opinion that watching a movie in a cinema enhances the audio and visual quality of a movie.
    Viewing a movie from a mobile device robs you of the movie’s cinematographic effects.
    Although such effects can also be recreated in our living rooms or bedrooms; it is not as perfect as it would appear in a cinema.
    Watching a movie in a cinema also affords you the opportunity of making new friends and meeting new people.
    Some movies are only available on 3D large screens hence are unavailable for downloads.
    Although watching a movie on a mobile device provides you with the opportunity of re watching or sharing with friends and loved ones; the pleasant effects of seeing a movie in a cinema cannot still be over emphasized.
    In conclusion whether cinema or movie device; a good movie is meant to be enjoyed on what ever platform you choose.

  4. qamaralzaman says:

    Some people say that now that we can see films on our phones or tablets there are no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Nowadays, people can do many tasks by using small, sophisticated gadgets such as the smartphone or the tablet. Therefore, whether watching films on the touchscreens or booking a ticket in a cinema has sparked much debate. However, both has its own pros and cons. Thus, before commenting on my perspective both the opinion would be discussed.

    Firstly, the primary argument the supporters of watching movies on phones would put forward is that it costs nothing except the accessing to Internet as well as charging the phone. Also, mobiles could be connected to televisions which remove the disadvantage of the small display dimensions of phones. Moreover, there are numerous choices of films on the Internet. Finally, individuals are capable to manage the starting and the ending time of the film because they could stop it any time by only one touch.

    On the contrary, the other party holds that movies are more enjoyable in a cinema because the distribution of the voice effects of the films is much better than on phones or tablets which reflect the exact details of the scenes. Further, many people like meeting friends in a cinema, buying popcorn with a soft drink, and also discussing the plot of the film after its end. While the most apparent flaw of cinemas is that it not cost effective.

    By way of conclusion, although watching movies on the touchscreens is cost-effective and requires less effort, but cinema yet has its own fans. In my view, I argue that people could watch movies every day on Internet, but they could enjoy it only in a cinema.

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  5. Omair says:

    Entertainment has no limits. Nowadays people prefe to watch different series or films on their devices rather than big screens. However, it is totally dependent on ones own preference. At the same time there are certain people who love to watch them in a cinema.

    In my opinion it is purely a matter of an individual’s choice. If I had to analyze benefits of smartphone for such activities, it gives mobility, freedom to watch in their own comfort zone, whenever and wherever they like to. But it has it’s own limitations. You need to had a better internet connectivity for smooth streaming battery needs to be sufficiently charged to provide backup. Headphones are mandatory, otherwise you might not be able to understand audio.

    However, cinema has it’s own advantages. The soundsystem, 3D and 4D effects, big size screens, comfortable seating arrangement. Thus, at the same time tickets are costly and sometime due to overwhelming audience response you won’t be able to get tickets for the movie.

    As stated earlier, it is dependent on individuals choice in which ever way they feel comfortable. Therefore, to conclude I am a strong believer of watching movies on smart devices rather than cinema, as its alot convienent and has no limitation of time.

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