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Film is a less important form of art than literature and painting. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Some people put forth the argument that movies are less valuable art forms than literature and paintings. I completely disagree with this argument. In my opinion, films have the same artistic value as writings and drawings.

It is true that literature, paintings and sculptures have a much longer history than movies. They are also deeply rooted in the culture and that makes them priceless representation of various eras. For example, literature of each century gives us an accurate description of life in those times. Paintings and sculptures have the same value. Needless to say they are a goldmine of information for historians and anthropologists.

However, it is wrong to measure the historic and aesthetic value of an art form by the number of years it has been in existence. It is true that films are a newer form of art and entertainment. However, just like literature and paintings, films also reflect the era in which they are made. They also showcase the growth of technology. What’s more films are intrinsically linked to literature and there are many filmy adaptations of classic literature. Another advantage that films have over other art forms is that they enjoy mass appeal. Actually, films reach a greater audience than books or other art forms. This popularity itself makes them a valuable form of art and a good medium for conveying socio-cultural messages. Better still, unlike a novel or a drawing, a film is a labour of love of hundreds of artists and technicians and going to cinema is rated as the highest form of entertainment today.

To conclude, I believe that films / movies have the same artistic value as literature and painting. One cannot gauge the value of films merely from the number of years of history they have; nor can one consider them less valuable just because aesthetic preferences differ.

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2 Responses

  1. Orin Le says:

    In recent times, although the film industry has become a dynamic sector of every economy, some people keep hold of the belief that other forms of art, namely literature and painting, are way more significant than movies. However, I strongly believe in the opposite viewpoint due to the economic potential as well as the easy accessibility of this art form.

    In terms of economic aspects, it is widely-accepted that films, regardless of genre, may generate enormous profits. Hollywood movies, for example, are estimated to have an average net profit of hundreds of millions of dollars, which appears to be impossible for any best-sellers or all-time paintings. This could be attributed to the fact that many films are produced with the primary intention of making money rather than conveying artistic values as other art forms. As a result, having such a goal has laid a solid foundation for the financial success of films.

    Additionally, this form of art has long been considered comprehensible for the majority of its viewers. Ranging from children-retailed cartoons to breathtaking action films, most of the movies are produced in such an easily accessible manner, in which the contents and messages of them are smoothly transferred to audiences. Particularly, if a film is produced based on a 1000-page novel or a real once-alive figure of art, more people will be able to deeply appreciate abstract ideas and acute meanings of the works, which are otherwise hardly adequate with the fast pace of living in this day and age.

    In conclusion, I feel that although artistic values are immanent in literature and painting, those can be better conveyed to the public by films. Moreover, also taking economic matters into account, I am utterly convinced that movies are of overriding significance, compared to other forms of art.

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