Few People Devote Time To Hobbies Nowadays | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Few people devote time to hobbies nowadays. Say why you think this is the case and what effect this has on the individual and society in general.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays people spend less time on their leisure activities. This trend has a serious impact on personal and community life. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Needless to say, the leisure time plummeted in the recent decade and we are dominated by the digital world. Myriads of people are lured by the internet and its concomitant services. In other words, people used internet services in the olden days only for their professional life and for acquiring relevant information. Whereas, this generation spends most of their free time on social media with their gadgets and they are addicted to these services especially Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. In addition to that, humans dedicate most of their time to achieve their set career goals, so they have to work around the clock and they do not even get time to look after their family life and health. For example, one of my uncles used to be passionate about cooking exotic dishes. Now that he works at a multinational company, he seldom cooks.

On the other side, demotivation, obesity, and mental stress are the consequences of not having hobbies. When folks engage in / people engage in some kind of hobbies like cycling, football, and other brainstorming activities, they not only gain motivation but also manage to ease their work pressure. Eventually, they can rejuvenate their mental and physical life. The lack of participation in these physical activities makes them victims of many diseases such as heart attack, high cholesterol and depression. In addition to that, people who have less leisure time mostly become a threat to society and they are more likely to get involved in antisocial and criminal activities.

To conclude, advancements in the digital era have supplanted hobbies from human beings’ life. This trend becomes really a threat to the individual and society. Therefore, we have to allocate some time for leisure activities in order to replenish our life.

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  1. Mohammad Raziq Khan says:

    In this pacy technical epoch, people hardly find time to engage themselves in their hobbies. Although it is necessary to spend some time off from the work to rejuvenate energy, many are failing in maintaining a work-life balance. As a consequence, inviting many unwanted troubles in their personal life, sometimes they get sick as well. It leads to missing many essential functions of their relatives and friends.

    Everyone is running the race and putting everything in achieving a big; nevertheless, one should have to — set priorities straight. The definition of a successful life is subjective; still, it includes — leisure time to use in their hobby, earning good enough to survive, and having a beautiful family, and find quality time for a family, relatives and friends. When you are indulging in your hobby, your brain gets relaxed. For instance, a person whose hobbies is to run, during his run, he forget everything but runs only, and if he is improving his run time, it makes him feel like an athlete.

    However, if you are only working, and did not pay heed in pursuing your hobby, after some time, your work would take a toll on your body. Many got sick, and diseases like — high blood pressure, sugar, obese are an epitome of this human-made disaster. Is this not worth to take a timely break and oversee the fitness? One earning means nothing if he is not fit and running to see a doctor.

    In my opinion, it is better to go for a joy run, instead of remembering and taking timely meds — make a schedule for yourself when you are fit, and that should include in enjoying leisure time in your hobbies. A fit mind does wonders in the job.

  2. Emmy says:

    Nowadays, not many people engage in playing a sport or a game. There are several reasons for this and it has negative effects on people and society.

    Firstly, the reason why most individuals are unable to afford the time for hobbies is that they have family responsibilities. Many people are the sole provider for their family, so they work morning until night to meet up the demands. For instance, in some countries, it is common for people who earn low income to operate a cab hire service after their regular office work. As a result, they get home late and have no time for any leisure activity. Secondly, a great number of individuals do not have any motivation towards exercise. They view it as strenuous, boring or simply not for them.

    The effects of not creating a schedule for a hobby or a physical activity can be extremely harmful. For people, it can affect their health. To illustrate, a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to several health-related illnesses such as obesity and coronary heart disease. Moreover, by not engaging the brain in other activities asides from work, people can become severely stressed, which could lead to depression. For society, social interaction will reduce as fewer people will gather to play a sport.

    To conclude, a great number of people are not exercising because they are either too busy or lack interest, and the consequences of such actions can cause them to suffer from many diseases, live a monotonous life and also limit the way people socially interact.

  3. Amrit kaur says:

    It is undeniable fact that, people spend less time to enjoy their leisure activities with their family members and friends.I will discuss why this happened and it put what impacts on individuals as well as society in the forthcoming paragraphs. To commence with, there are multifarious reasons why people do not give much time to their hobbies.First and foremost is that, technology is the major reason for this phenomenon. To eleborate it, nowadays due to the advancement of technology most of people spend their time by playing video games, watching movies and many more. But, in previous decades, technology was not popular and individuals gave time to their family and friends as well as enjoy various activity with them. Thus, in present, people are really addicted with their mobile phones. Moreover, nowadays, people have hectic schedule and they do not have much time for these things. As, expense on day to day items is much more and things are costly . So, to fulfill their needs and dreams. People do hardwork in order to cater their needs. Therefore, they do not give preference to their hobbies.In result, masses should reduce the usage of cellphones and that time to their leisure activities. Nevertheless, there are plethora of difficulties individuals have to face if they do not prefer to leisure activities. Firstly, people become prey of several diseases.To explain it, if they dislike to do outdooring and spent time in front of mobile or computer screen. So, they have to face various health issues such as obesity, back pain and many more and it also effects on their eyes and they become lazy. Owing to taking lack participate in outdoor activities. They become victim of health disease.To overcome these difficulties people should give time to these things. So, they will become fit and healthy. To conclude, according to my perspective, working is essential to fullfill their needs, people should take care ro their health and give time to leisure activities than wasting time on mobile phones.

  4. nelson says:

    In the World today, people tend not to devote time to hobbies. The most relevant factor is often making money. People without hobbies are more likely to get mental or physical illness.

    People spend too much time on acquiring money. In a normal family, a child is raised to meet a general standard, this process emptied his parents’ pockets. when he grows up and go to college, there will be loans and endless homework. After graduation, he has to pay the rent, the bill, the holiday trip cost… After some years, he get married, has kids and looks after the yonger generation. people are trapped in the loop of money. Making and spending money have become major activities in people’s lives..

    Another factor is entertainment. As the entertainment industry has thrived in the recent years. people are living in a lot of fantasies. According to research by BBC, a person can sit all day watching comedy on the sofa, eating junk food. People seem to enjoy the fake dream more than reality.

    It needs time and enormous energy to build Hobbies. there was a time i struggled to get up early in the morning at 6’oclock. Each day my alarm started ringing at 10 pm for me to go to bed. sometimes i stop the alarm and contine paly game on my computer. somethimes i go to bed but still use my phone. To form a hobby, i have to control myself with hard belief, and do it for at least a continuous month. Developing a hobby brings long-term happiness.

    Hobbies help people to focus and relax. Lack of hobbies make people not only lazy but less productive. People who pursue short-term happiness may harm themselves in the long run. The society will also face consequence as a result.

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