Fast Food Is A Part Of Life In Many Places | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Fast food is a part of life in many places. Some people think this has bad effects on lifestyle and diets. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Food habits play a vital role in determining the fitness levels of individuals. While fast food is popular in numerous places, some argue that it has adverse effects on one’s living and dietary habits. I completely agree with this argument and this essay will explain why these foods cause harm to humans in the long run despite being delicious.

To begin with, most people are leading a very stressful and busy life, working ten to twelve hours a day. Consequently, they are heavily dependent on fast food to meet their daily meal requirements and spend enormous amounts of money on it. Not only are they consuming unhealthy food, but they are also wasting a lot of money because of their inability to cook food at home. In the USA, for example, many people prefer eating burgers and fries from McDonald’s and KFC and thus end up spending a lot on food. Fast foods have also eliminated many mealtime rituals from families. Earlier family members used to gather around the table, say a prayer and eat together. Such practices played a crucial role in keeping families together. Now, they just open a packet of chips and gorge on it sitting in front of the TV.

Moreover, consuming fast food every day can have serious effects on one’s health. These foods contain fat and are mostly deep fried which add more cholesterol to them. Excessive cholesterol and fat can lead to significant health problems including cardiovascular diseases and obesity. For example, a recent study shows that owing to their regular /daily consumption of fast food, most Australians suffer from heart problem and obesity at a very young age. If people exercise regularly include healthy foods in their diet, these problems can be mitigated. Thus, people need to be mindful of these health issues and monitor their consumption of unhealthy meals.

In conclusion, even though it is fine for people to eat these foods occasionally, their primary meals should be healthy and homecooked so that they can maintain optimal level of fitness.

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