Exposure To International Media Has A Significant Impact On Local Cultures | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Exposure to international media such as films, TVs and magazines has a significant impact on local cultures. What do you think has been the impact? Do you think its advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

It is irrefutable that the emergence of international media has really changed the face of the globe. Exposure to international media has a positive as well as negative impact on local cultures, which I shall highlight in this essay.

There are numerous advantages of international media and how it is affecting local cultures. To begin with, the worldwide media teach us a lot about the tradition and culture of any other country. We can easily access any international movie or web series on TV while sitting at home. As TV is a good entertainer, we can also stay updated about foreign cultures. For example, when in a Japanese movie, a lady wears a kimono then we get to know about the clothes of Japan. Similarly, we can learn different languages too. In addition, media touch social and global issues. It highlights problems like domestic violence, female foeticide, climate change, unemployment, etc. which are very informative and also spread awareness among the people.

On the downside, the disadvantages of exposure to international media are as follows. Foreign media has caused a considerable impact on family values. Some people are so much obsessed with the global culture that they almost have forgotten about their own traditions. Furthermore, some recent studies justify the opinion that watching too much TV and indulging in foreign media increases stupidity and foolishness. Global media has content like porn, crime, illegal drugs, etc., and adolescents can get influenced to do wrong things.

To sum up, as every garden has weeds, similarly, international media too has some drawbacks. Overall, advantages are much more than disadvantages. So, the onus is on the people not to be swayed too much by the foreign culture and do not forget their own tradition, little exposure to global media cannot harm anyone.

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