Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs regardless of their academic ability

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Securing admission in institutes of higher learning is often dependent on the merits and academic abilities of the student. Some argue that all students should have the opportunity to study in universities irrespective of their knowledge and skills. I disagree with this argument and believe that admission should be merit based.

To begin with, the most sought after academic courses often have limited seats, and hence all applicants cannot be admitted. This is not surprising, though. Unlike schools which admit all students, universities are for specialized learning. Therefore, universities use certain selection criteria such as academic qualifications and other skills to decide whether a student is eligible for admission. This will, of course, mean that only the meritorious can secure admission. For instance, a recent survey in ‘The Hindu’ revealed that in India only 10% of those applying for engineering courses are able to secure a place for themselves.

Another reason not to admit all students is that university programmes require students to demonstrate a certain level of intellectual capacity. Not everybody can become a doctor or a scientist even if seats are available. Moreover, a student who is not capable of learning a specific subject will not benefit from joining it. For example, a student who has no aptitude for medicine or engineering will not benefit from joining a medical college or engineering college. If they do, they will not be able to learn the concepts or put them into practice. This will be a sheer wastage of valuable resources. Hence it is evident that if a student joins a course which he is not capable of comprehending, it will benefit neither him nor the society.

To conclude, in my opinion, admission to universities should be based on the academic credentials of the students. Only then will our universities be able to produce high achievers who can contribute something to the society.

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