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Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

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Language extinction is becoming increasingly prevalent in this day and age. Some people believe that this should not be a cause of concern as life will be simpler with fewer languages. I completely disagree with this opinion and I believe that life will still remain as complicated as it is even with fewer languages.

Firstly, the number of languages that an average person is able to be comfortably fluent in will be two or three at the most. If people are of the opinion that the demise of certain languages would make it easier for them to use their native language for fluently communicating overseas for work or travel, they would be completely mistaken. This is because the countries have deep rooted traditions and cultures that cannot fade away so quickly. For instance, one would still have to learn Chinese or Japanese if they would like to work in either of these places.

Furthermore, countries with one language are not free from a complicated life. This is because the root of the complexities of lives does not reside in the number of languages that exists in the world, but in the way mankind treats one another. We could have two people in a room who speak the same language but have multiple disagreements and have another two who might get along very well despite the language gap.

In conclusion, I believe that life will not be much easier just because there are fewer languages. In fact, the world will be a much more interesting place if different cultures and languages co-exist. Also, ultimately life will become simplified only when the mankind shows the resolve to bridge the gap in their everyday communication.

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  1. Miguel says:

    Question: In some countries, people follow the latest fashion and hairstyles. In your opinion, what is influencing this? Is this a good or bad thing?

    Over the last few decades, it has become more common for people to be fashion-conscious. There are many causes of this trend which for most people seems to be a great way to live. However, from my point of view this is not healthy for people minds, neither for the environment.

    One of the main causes of people being fashionable is that movies and television stars induce the masses to acquire products to be successful in life. This is largely due to the fact that famous people are paid by their sponsors to wear multiple items such as shoes, watches or clothes and then they launch a publicity campaign to make them look like they were successful just because they are using those things. Furthermore, another cause is that nowadays people value more to be the owner of a must-have item instead of share some time with their families and friends.

    There are multiple consecuences of following the latest trend since young people tend to choose a new item rather to spend quality time with their families. A research conducted by the university of Harvard found that 92% of teenagers in the United States prefer to wear the latest pair of jeans than go to a park with their parents. This is not because neither they like the jeans nor they are chap, but just because their favorite singer uses them. In addition, not only is this destroing close-knit relationships but also this consumism is damaging the planet earth, increasing the amount of waste that will cause an irreparable damage in the environment.

    To sum up, there are many causes that lead people to be fashionable sus as the persuation of well known artist as well as the wrong value people give to things. I believe this is a serious issue since this is affecting relationships and the environment at the same time. For the aforementioned reasons if we as society do not stop this tendency, the problem will worsen.

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