Every Country Should Have A Free Health Service

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Health is a fundamental right of every human being. Some people argue that every nation should provide at least basic healthcare for free. I agree with this view. By investing in public health, the government can ensure that even the most disadvantaged sections of the society have access to medical care and treatment. 

Although their number can vary from country to country, the truth is that there are poor people in all countries. A free public healthcare system is essential to cater to their healthcare needs. If the government runs hospitals and healthcare centres where it provides free healthcare and health information, everyone will be able to live a healthy life. Since health is wealth investing in public healthcare is a wise decision for any country. Healthy people are more productive and contribute to the development of the country. Also, by providing free healthcare, the government can prevent epidemics from spreading. This is crucial for the normal functioning of any country.

Of course, the government may not be able to provide advanced or specialist healthcare for free. Such treatments are highly expensive and if the government decides to fund them, it can be a huge burden on the public exchequer. Hence, depending on the financial situation of the country, only the poorest people need be given such treatments for free and there is no harm in charging a nominal or affordable free from the rest of the population. Also, it should be remembered that a lot of expensive medical interventions can be avoided if the disease is diagnosed and treated in the initial stages. For example, in the initial stages diabetes is not an expensive disease to treat and basic healthcare is sufficient; however, if it is not diagnosed or treated, it can lead to complications like renal failure, cardiac arrest or stroke which requires expensive surgeries. In other words, by providing basic healthcare for free, the government can prevent many health complications from arising.

To conclude, the biggest wealth of any nation is its people and hence investing in their health by offering them free healthcare is important for any government. Depending on their healthcare budget nations should determine what treatments they can provide for free. In any case, the basic healthcare must be free for all.

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