Eventually, Technology Will Solve The Most Important Environmental Problems The World Faces Today | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Eventually, technology will solve the most important environmental problems the world faces today. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Today the world is suffering from unprecedented environmental problems, and it is anticipated that these critical issues will ultimately be resolved by the technology. However, in my opinion, the major environmental concerns like global warming and water pollution have been worsened / aggravated due to the technological advancement, and can only be alleviated through human efforts.

To commence with, global warming is increasing at an alarming rate with the progress in technology. In recent years, industrialization and extensive use of automobiles have been observed, and these developments have significantly raised the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, these gases like carbon dioxide and methane trap the sunlight and elevate the temperature of the earth. This change in temperature is not only responsible for the global warming but also other associated problems of climate change and air pollution. Evidently, the complications have been increased with the breakthroughs in technology. However, the situation can be ameliorated by reducing the use of automobiles and gaseous emissions from industries.

Owing to urbanization, the water pollution has become another pressing concern of today’s world. The untreated toxic waste from the factories and other power plants is dumped into the rivers and other water streams. Furthermore, this hazardous waste is detrimental for both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as it affects the potability of water, thus posing a threat to the biodiversity. To avoid this situation the waste should be treated through solid waste treatment methods and disposed of carefully, by other means.

To conclude, the technology has caused various environmental problems including the global warming and water pollution, and these problems can only be mitigated through human efforts.

Eventually, technology will solve the most important environmental problems the world faces today – Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Technology offers many benefits to society. While some people believe that it could even solve some of the problems plaguing the environment, I opine that they are impossible to be solved / to be mitigated without human intervention.

Firstly, the major problem in our society is air pollution. With the increase in population, the density of population has also increased. The oxygen percentage in air is diminishing gradually and this would make life impossible on earth for humans. Although technology is helping to overcome the problems of overpopulation, human beings are responsible for controlling them. Thus, humans should curb this issue. For instance, in China the government designed one-child policy to control population. These kinds of policies should be implemented across the globe.

Secondly, people are no longer drinking river or lake water because water is being polluted by industries. In this age of globalization, automated machine technology used in industries releases toxic waste into oceans and rivers. Furthermore, these hazardous gases also lead to causalities when released to residential area. Thus, technology is worsening not only water pollution but also human suffering. The government should ban these kinds of industries and take strict action against manufacturers. Moreover, the officials should grant permission to those industries which are in conformity with government rules and regulations.

Last but not least, there are too many vehicles on roads causing unbearable noise/sound pollution. Although automatic traffic signaling system is helping to manage the traffic this problem would be eradicated only if people start using public transport or share rides with each other.

To conclude, technology alone cannot solve environmental problems unless people start to think about the consequences and take necessary preventive measures. Also, citizens should abide by rules and regulations of the government.

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