Eventually Technology Will Solve The Most Important Environmental Problems | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Eventually, technology will solve the most important environmental problems the world faces today.  To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds; every day there is a new innovation that revolutionizes our way of living. There is a general notion that one day technology will help to solve all the problems related to the environment  However, in my opinion technology can only guide us or predict the future and all the precautions have to be taken by humans in order to save the environment.

The major problem faced by mankind today is the scarcity of water resources especially the water that is fit for human consumption. Technology can only help purify the water with the help of water filter and other latest technologies. However, it is we who have to use the water judiciously and conserve it in order to make it available for our coming generations. In other words technology can only assist us and ultimately the onus is on us to act. 
The other prominent environmental issue nowadays is pollution. Technology is the main factor behind the increase in the level of pollution. For example, the advancement in motor vehicle technology has made it possible for each one of us to afford a car or bike, which in turn has led to sharp increase in air pollution level due to vehicular exhaust. While technology is causing the pollution humans can reduce it by limiting the use of vehicles, planting more trees and making technology more nature friendly.
To conclude, no doubt technology can help us to tackle environmental issues; however, it cannot magically solve all the problems plaguing the planet. Only humans can solve environmental issues caused by human activity.

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7 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Currently, computer activities take more time into children’s life than ones involving a group of friends. I do agree that, with the advance of technology and the introduction of video games, both boys and girls are spending a considerate amount of time in front of their computers, rather than outdoors. This is mostly caused by today’s need of a computer not only to play games, but to study, research and communicate with other individuals.
    The evolution of the computer over the past 30 years have made this technology essential to almost all activities in the world. Not only all companies have perform their daily tasks on computers, but schools are also using this machinery to deliver new ways of teaching. With this, there is an early introduction to computers, teaching young kids how to use it and that it is a central source of fun, study and communication. This dependency on computers made that early generations are conditioned to use the machine more frequently than older generations.
    Not only the introduction at a early stage, but the increase in computer videogames and chats has helped in kids dependency on computers. Computer video-games, compared to outdoor playing, can bring immediate effortless fun compared to games with friends, making it more attractive. Online group chats have also assisted in avoiding awkward social interactions and embarrassment, making it easier for kids to communicate online rather than face-to-face.
    Overall, children are spending more time on computers compared to with their friends, This is caused by the world’s dependency on the machine, together with its introduction at an early age and, for being an effortless source of fun and social interaction.

  2. Shubham Kumar says:

    Today’s advanced technology is like a double-edged sword: on the one hand if it is used wisely it solves the serious issues of environment by innovating the effective solutions for reducing the environmental pollution; on the other hand, if it is used in a negative way it can destroy the whole planet in the form of destructive wars. I agree with this perspective and will provide the justifications and evidence to validate my viewpoint in the below essay.
    To begin with, nowadays, technology has opened many doors in the field of protecting and conserving natural resources and fossils. Firstly, Technology helps in reducing the air pollution by innovating and inventing the eco-friendly engines and electric vehicles which emits the low pollutants in the environment. Now all big automobile companies are using such technologies in their vehicles to reduce the air pollution. Thus, it is beneficial for the environment.
    Secondly, with the help of advanced technology, it is possible to increase the utilization and the production of renewal sources of energies like solar, wind and bio which have reduced the dependency on the natural fuels like coal and petroleum. Now many street lights, houses, big organizations using solar panels to meet their demand for electricity. Infosys campus at Bangalore is the first organization that fulfils all of its energy demand from the renewable source of energy.
    Nevertheless, technology has also been used for making destructive weapons like nuclear weapons, hydrogen bomb and many such, which is very hazardous for the environment. The atmosphere of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still infected with the radiation after many decades of a nuclear blast.
    To recapitulate, after analyzing the above scenario it is not very difficult to come on the consensus that technology can be used as a negative as well as a positive way to find the solutions of the most important environmental problems the world faces today.

  3. Sheela says:

    Hi Manjusha,
    FIrst of all thank you for your all hardwork for such a useful website!

    I think shubham wrote perfectly and yes, there are some grammatical errors but overall if not more it’s 7 at least.

  4. Paridhi Sharma says:

    Environmental issues are the most important yet least discussed topic in today’s modern world. Despite that, many environmentalists and technologists are working in this area to better the mother earth and human civilization. Yes, advanced technology and modern equipment will indeed solve a lot of environmental issues in the coming future.

    For instance, modern air filters and air purifiers have been developed to purify the dirty and polluted air using advanced technology. Equipment today can also detect the purity level of the air we breathe at each place. Using these, we can keep our body and lungs healthy, which in turn increases our life span.

    In the old days, harmful chemicals and scrap liquids were directly released into the water bodies or land. These acts often resulted in land and water pollution. However, today we have complete water cleaning systems that factories are required to install if they release harmful substances into the water bodies. With time these systems have been upgraded, and some of them can even purify water to the extent that it can be used for agriculture or human use. These positive steps could only be taken because of new-age science and technology.

    We all remember the days when acid rain was a problem. The root cause of those horrific rains was the release of harmful gaseous substances by big and small industries. Nevertheless, today, these harmful gases are first treated before releasing them. Also, in several instances, it has been found that new innovative methods and modern raw materials are being deployed by industries these days to reduce the evil effects on the environment. This shift in industries methods has been possible only because of technological advancement in the field of manufacturing and processing.

    Advancement in the field of transportation has also contributed to the reduction of pollution, which in turn helps the environmental issues. Less and less reliance on natural gases, which are harmful to our environment and also our health, has been possible only because of modern mediums of conveyance such as metro railways, electric buses, electric cars, electric bikes/ scooters, et cetera.

    To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, we can say that technology has indeed resolved many of our environmental concerns. In the coming years, it will resolve many problems related to pollution, carbon emissions, ecological imbalance, et cetera. In short, technology is a boon to humankind.

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