Essay: Our grandparents think that their lives were simpler and better

The following essay topic was asked in an IELTS test recently held in India.

Sample response

Modern life is more comfortable, but it is also equally stressful. We invented several devices in the last few decades to make our lives better and more comfortable. However, a vast majority of these inventions also make our life stressful. Take, for instance, the case of cellphones and internet. They allow us to stay connected all the time. Unfortunately, the same connectivity prevents us from taking a break. Organizations now expect their employees to be accessible round the clock despite knowing that this could stress them out.

A few decades ago, however, people led simpler lives. They spent less time at work and had more time for themselves. They had fewer worries and were healthier both mentally and physically. Our grandmothers didn’t have washing machines, refrigerators or vacuum cleaners. So they had to cook, clean and wash with their hands. It made them physically active. In those days, there were fewer vehicles on the road and people often walked to walk. The air was cleaner. Consequently our grandparents enjoyed better health than us. Today we have more effective medicines and treatment options, but unfortunately our stressful and sedentary lifestyles make us more prone to developing many health problems.

On the other hand, our grandparents didn’t lead a simple life because they enjoyed it. They had no other choice. If they had access to the amenities that we enjoy today, they, too, would embrace them gladly. What’s more, if somebody really wants to lead a simple life, it is still possible. One can cut off oneself from the world and live in blissful tranquility. So it is essentially a matter of preference.

In conclusion, it is true that our grandparents led simpler lives and in many ways their lives were better than ours. However, not many of us want to lead that sort of lives today. Today, we are addicted to technology and comfort and very few people will willingly forsake them and adopt simplicity.

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