Ensuring That Children Have Regular Physical Exercise Is The Responsibility Of Parents | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Ensuring that children have regular physical exercise should be the responsibility of parents and therefore students should not waste valuable school time having sports lessons as part of the curriculum. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

There is no doubt that regular physical exercise is vital for everyone. While it is argued that ensuring the physical fitness of children is the sole responsibility of parents, I partially disagree with this point and insist that it is the joint responsibility of parents and schools. I will elucidate the reasons in the subsequent paragraphs.

Those who opine that the onus is on parents to ensure the fitness of their children believe that they are completely responsible for raising them and for their holistic development. This is because juveniles can be supervised by their parents in a facile manner unlike at schools where it is not possible to provide individual attention to each student. For instance, if a child is interested in any type of sports such as cricket, parents play crucial role in encouraging their child and ensuring that his interest is pursued. As a result, children will feel motivated to follow their passion and be physically fit.

On the other hand, in my view, schools should include / provide sports coaching as part of syllabus because it will imbibe competitive attitude in students not only for sports but also for other subjects. Besides, it will help them learn team management skills at a young age and it will be advantageous for them in long run. For instance, sports day in schools creates huge excitement among pupils because they compete with one another and prove their mettle. Moreover, it is seen that physically fit students often perform better in studies because they are mentally fit as well due to regular exercise at schools.

In conclusion, although it is undeniable that parents are responsible for their children’s physical development, in my view, it is the combined responsibility of the parents and the school.

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