Employers Sometimes Ask For The Personal Information Of Applicants | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Employers sometimes ask people applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say that this information may be relevant and useful. Others disagree. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is thought by many people that the personal details of a prospective employee could be beneficial; others, however, opine that it is irrelevant and employers should not seek these details. While there are several benefits to asking for the information pertaining to the interviewee, in my opinion, the disadvantages of this practice outweigh the advantages.

Many people argue that the information about a candidate has uses. By gathering this data, an employer can match the candidate’s skills to the job. For instance, if a person is brilliant in mathematics and can solve the numerical problem, he could be a perfect choice for a job requiring calculation of figures and interpretation of results. As a result, the costs involved in training a new joiner could be reduced significantly and the employer could leverage the ability of his employee to improve his business performance and increase the revenue.

However, gathering this information may do more harm than good. Firstly, the the personal data of the employee could be misused. For instance, the phone number and residential address of the female employees could get leaked which otherwise would have stayed confidential. This situation could be detrimental to the employee. Secondly, interest and hobbies of a person does not reveal his aptitude or skills. For example, a person with the desired skills may be short tempered and may lose his cool in a situation which requires urgent attention. A liar may conceal the truth and fabricate his personal details to get the job.

In conclusion, even though the employer may gain an insight into the candidate’s personal details, this data may not be relevant and could do more harm than good.

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2 Responses

  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    Sometimes, the employers enquire about the personal information of the potential job seekers. This may include the hobbies, interests and the marital status. It is opined by some people that this information is helpful in the selection of an ideal candidate for the job. Others believe that seeking personal data is not needed. However, I believe that the personal profile of an individual plays a significant role in the overall assessment of a job applicant.

    The interests of a person reflects many characteristics which are intrinsic to the personality. It facilitates in comprehending the bent of mind, commitment and responsibility towards the duty. For instance, a person who engages in creative activities in leisure may prove to be innovative and productive at work. Another example relates to a person who just prefers relaxation as a pastime activity. Such a person may prove to be lethargic and inefficient in accomplishing a challenging task. Similarly, the marital status of a person helps the recruiters estimate the amount of commitment which can be expected. In many realistic situations, it is observed that married individuals find it difficult to adapt to a hectic work schedule due to family responsibilities.

    Another opinion is related to the thinking that personal information of a potential employee should not be asked by the employer. The main reason behind this thought arises from the that a person’s ability and skills should not be assessed based upon the personal background. Another possible reason would be the respect towards the privacy of one’s personal life.

    In conclusion, I feel that the personal information is crucial in the decision-making process of a recruiter. It helps in making the best selection out of the available prospective job applicants.

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