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The bar diagram illustrates the amount of electricity generated and utilised by the top ten countries in 2014. The amount of power generated and consumed differed across the countries. China and the United States were the biggest producers and consumers of electricity. While China produced 5,398 billion kWh, the US produced 4,099 billion kWh.

Russia was the third highest producer of electricity, generating 1,057 billion kWh. However, Japan, India, Canada, France, Brazil, and Germany produced electricity between 500-1,000 billion kWh. Republic of Korea produced the least amount of power (485 billion kWh)

Furthermore, the pattern of power consumption followed the same order as that of power generation. China, the United States and Russia were the top three consumers of electricity, utilising 5,322 kWh, 3,866 kWh and 1,038 kWh respectively. They were followed by Japan and India, with power consumption of 856.7 kWh and 698.8 kWh respectively. Canada, France, Brazil, Germany and Republic of Korea consumed less than 500 kWh of electricity, with Republic of Korea having the least consumption of 449.5 kWh. In all the countries, the production of power was greater than the consumption except in Germany, which generated 526.6 kWh and utilised 582.5 kWh.

In conclusion, the order of power generation and consumption was similar with surplus production of power in the majority of the countries.

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