Economic Growth Is The Only Way To End World Poverty | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Economic growth is the only way to end world poverty. However, some people say it leads to environment damage and should be stopped. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Some people say that economic growth can eradicate poverty. Others opine that economic development causes environmental damage and hence it should be discouraged. In my opinion, environmental protection is of paramount importance and hence economic growth should be restricted.

A good reason to stop economic growth is to protect the environment from getting polluted by its harmful by-products. In other words, economic growth needs the establishment of many factories which emit obnoxious gases into the atmosphere and discharge other pollutants into the soil and water. If untreated, these by-products cause huge environmental complications. For instance, the demand for electricity rises due to high economic growth; the majority of power plants in the world use fossil fuels to produce electricity and thus cause considerable damage to the environment.

Another critical reason to protect the environment and discourage economic growth is the lack of any substantial evidence to prove that economic growth eradicates poverty. To put it in another way, billions of people are still living under poverty even after many decades of economic development, casting doubt on the role of economic growth in removing poverty. For example, years of economic growth has made rich people richer and poor people are still struggling for the basic necessities of life. Moreover, with the advancement of technologies less manual work is required in factories and hence fewer job opportunities are available although economy is developing. Obviously, economic growth chiefly benefits the affluent and does hardly anything for the poorest sections of the society.

In conclusion, sacrificing the environment for the sake of economic development is not a wise step, especially, when it is doubtful whether economic development can eradicate poverty.

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2 Responses

  1. seema says:

    A fraction of people believe that economic growth can cause natural disaster and should be stopped, But, other fractions of people think that it is the only solution to stop world poverty. I totally agree with the notion that economic growth affects the environmental disaster and have to be restricted.
    To begin with, poverty is one of the imperative problems of developing countries. Although people tend to believe that financial growth can eradicate poverty completely, actually, it does not work out because the profit of the trade and industry goes to the affluent people where they used this turnover into other sectors of business or they used it for their extravagance. Hence, poor people did not receive any benefits. A good illustration for this is the studies conducted by the Bangalore University found out that as the economic growth rises, poverty among the citizen also increases.
    Furthermore, economic growth has an undeniable adverse effect on nature also. To achieve a hike in the economy they cut the trees enormously and start planting the cash crops which leads to the disturbance of the ecosystem as well as the main cause the species extinction, thus it increases global warming also. Moreover, these plantations affect the local people by taking their farmland to cultivate the cash crops. For example, rubber plantation of many countries causes severe drought and an increase in atmospheric temperature in the local area because these trees absorb a huge amount of water from underground.
    To recapitulate, I totally agree that financial growth has a more adverse effect on the environment which includes global warming as compared with the positive side where economic growth is beneficial to a certain level of individuals only.

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