During The Last Century, The Use Of Cars Has Increased Dramatically | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

During the last century, the use of cars has increased dramatically. This has caused problems such as pollution and overcrowded roads. Why do people buy cars and what can we do to stop people from buying them?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The prevalence of strong demand for cars has resulted in several environmental issues. There are a variety of reasons for car ownership, but some suggestions can be taken to improve this phenomenon.

The aforementioned situation is a result of several causes. First, it will be much more convenient for those having a four-wheel vehicle. For instance, car owners can commute easily and quickly with great deal of freedom. Whereas other forms of transport such as buses, trains, or taxis consume more time and effort, especially when the person travels to multiple destinations or runs a hectic schedule. Second, some people have to travel far distances for work, when it is impractical or inaccessible by public transit, cars are their only way. Take suburbanites for example. It may take them a few hours driving from their house to their companies. That means they ought to leave home early when transport services have not started; consequently, they have no other choice but to use cars. Lastly, private automobiles have become more affordable recently, in addition to growing incomes, and various loans offered by dealers and banks, which contribute to the rise of car buyers.

As for possible measures to reverse this trend, in the first place, the government could raise tax on car consumers. This will make those who consider possessing a private vehicle weigh up costs before making a purchase. At the same time, it is for the state to develop transportation infrastructure, services, and network, for example, expanding bus routes between residents areas and train stations, so that the alternative options to driving cars are feasible for the commuters. Additionally, entrepreneurs may invest in renting services for various vehicles like bikes, motorbikes, or cars; therefore this provides an acceptable alternative to car usage and widens choices of mobility devices.

In conclusion, it is clear that convenience and affordability are the major factors leading to the growth of car owners, but this trend can be dampened by getting the government and business involved.

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