Doing An Enjoyable Activity With A Child Can Develop Better Skills And Creativity Than Reading | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading. To what extent do you agree? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, recreational activities help children develop better skills and creativity than reading. In my opinion, both recreational activities and reading enhance the creativity of children and it is not possible to claim that enjoyable activities are more beneficial than reading.

Recreational activities like dancing, singing and painting boost creativity in children. Children absolutely love such activities because they are enjoyable. For example, it is quite enjoyable for a child to sing, dance or draw. Such activities also help children overcome the boredom of learning for hours. Thus, these activities refresh their mind and also help them hone their innate talents. Many children are born with artistic talents. Engaging in such activities on a regular basis is essential to polish those skills. However, there are also many other enjoyable activities that do not improve creativity in children. Watching TV, for example, does not do any good for a child. It merely helps children pass their time.

On the other hand, reading is just as good as painting or drawing for boosting our creative skills because it fuels our imagination. When we read, we are visualizing millions of scenes in your mind. It requires a lot of brain activity and that is why people who read a lot tend to be more creative.

In conclusion, recreational activities like singing or painting help children to improve their skills and creativity. However, reading is just as good, if not better, for enhancing children’s creativity because of the increased brain activity reading causes.

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