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A person’s personality determines how they will behave in a particular situation. Some people have a sunny disposition. They spread joy wherever they go. Some are always moody and anyone who interacts with them may find themselves affected by their negativity. In my opinion, personality certainly describes a person because it is the outward display of our character, values, likes and dislikes.

People may be able to fake their emotions. For example, someone who is jealous of your success may actually hide that emotion and try to appear happy for you. Personality, however, cannot be faked that easily. It defines you. For instance, it is nearly impossible for an introvert person to conduct himself as an extrovert. Introverts are happy within their cocoons and have little inclination to socialize with others. They may show high levels of loyalty to the few people in their life. They may also possess higher levels of creativity and imagination because of their ability to explore the world inside. They may also make great thinkers or writers. Extroverts, on the other hand, have an outgoing personality. They are crowd pullers and make excellent leaders. They make friends wherever they go and have an agreeable disposition.

Some people have an altruistic personality. They find happiness in helping others. They have a spiritual bend of mind and may even come across as unworldly. They inspire many people around them and may even have a decent following. It is nearly impossible for an altruistic person to cheat or hurt others. This personality trait makes them highly valued and respected members of the society. Often times, they put others’ interests above theirs and their family may dislike this trait of them.

In conclusion, the personality of a person provides an accurate description of their character. By simply analyzing the personality we can determine whether somebody is selfish, dependable, sociable or aloof.

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