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Does personality describe the person? To what extent do you agree?

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Band 9 essay sample

A person’s personality determines how they will behave in a particular situation. Some people have a sunny disposition. They spread joy wherever they go. Some are always moody and anyone who interacts with them may find themselves affected by their negativity. In my opinion, personality certainly describes a person because it is the outward display of our character, values, likes and dislikes.

People may be able to fake their emotions. For example, someone who is jealous of your success may actually hide that emotion and try to appear happy for you. Personality, however, cannot be faked that easily. It defines you. For instance, it is nearly impossible for an introvert person to conduct himself as an extrovert. Introverts are happy within their cocoons and have little inclination to socialize with others. They may show high levels of loyalty to the few people in their life. They may also possess higher levels of creativity and imagination because of their ability to explore the world inside. They may also make great thinkers or writers. Extroverts, on the other hand, have an outgoing personality. They are crowd pullers and make excellent leaders. They make friends wherever they go and have an agreeable disposition.

Some people have an altruistic personality. They find happiness in helping others. They have a spiritual bend of mind and may even come across as unworldly. They inspire many people around them and may even have a decent following. It is nearly impossible for an altruistic person to cheat or hurt others. This personality trait makes them highly valued and respected members of the society. Often times, they put others’ interests above theirs and their family may dislike this trait of them.

In conclusion, the personality of a person provides an accurate description of their character. By simply analyzing the personality we can determine whether somebody is selfish, dependable, sociable or aloof.

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13 Responses

  1. Shyam says:

    The essay is not pertaining to the above topic. Thanks for marking.
    In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case? What can be done about this problem?

    Many kinds of researches and scientific experiments are done to develop new seeds and farming techniques, but little is done to ensure that the people are not died due to lack of food.
    In different parts of the world, many people are confronting poverty due to lack of purchasing power. Majority of them are poor class under the poverty line without any disposable income to feed themselves or their family members. For them, even though, a significant revolution has happened in the farming sector, it has little effect on their prevailing core social issue. Unless this advancement is made in the agriculture industry in terms of reduced production cost and cheap end-user price, the food deprivation will be an ongoing chapter. For instance, it is a paradox that man was able to set up an agricultural shelter in Antarctica but failed to aid food for many refugees in several camps.
    The role of government and local farmers is paramount in this case. Local farmers can use the tips of modern farming technique to yield more production with minimal cost resulting in cheap food cost. Likewise, the government can support these farmers with additional subsidies like logistic and storage facilities to enhance their mission. When the farmers are able to utilize these provisions, the end result will be the availability of affordable, locally made food to many people.
    Thus, to sum up, unless the food is made available to less fortunate people at a lesser price, any progress done in this field is not valid. Whereas, farmers and government should be able to address this issue with their joint hands.

  2. Mahesh says:

    >>>>>>>>>>Scientists predict that all people will choose to talk the same global language in the future. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

    According to some scientists, everyone will be speaking the same language in the future. If this prediction does come true, in my opinion, it will have both positive and negative ramifications.

    No doubt, a universal language will benefit both people and businesses in numerous ways. It will make communication easier. As a result, businesses can market their products all over the world. People can also travel to any part of the world without having to worry about getting lost because of the language barrier. This, in turn, will benefit industries such as travel and hospitality. Needless to say, a universal language will benefit almost all economies around the world. It may even foster respect and understanding among people of different ethnicities.

    On the flip side, the prospect of having just one language for all does not bode well for the preservation of cultural identities. Culture is intrinsically linked to language. So if people adopt a global language and stop using their mother tongue it will not take long for their culture to die. The death of local languages will also make the folklore and literature in that language unavailable to future generations. In my opinion, this will be a huge loss to humanity. Another possible consequence will be the loss of employment for people working as translators and interpreters. In a world where everyone speaks the same language, they will be rendered jobless.

    In conclusion, a universal language can be beneficial for businesses and people because it facilitates hassle-free communication. However, it may lead to the demise of cultures and diversity.

  3. malcom_twist says:

    Does personality describe the person? To what extent do you agree?
    Whether one’s personality is the most important and the key defining factor of a person or not is an unanswered question which has gained much attention. I personally agree with the fact that personality is implicated in how a person is described and perceived.
    The first area in which personality plays a crucial role in people’s interpretation of the world around them. This interpretation is made based on our personality in that the personality act as a lens through which people see the world and communicate with it. Naturally, those who enjoy a deep, complex, and multi-faceted personality are more likely to have an accurate interpretation, and those who lack such personality are likely to fail to interpret the world correctly, thus likely to fail. Therefore, by the means of this interpretation, which is energized by personality, people perceive their fellows, and their fellows reciprocally perceive them in different ways; maybe positively or negatively. If it is positively, people have more chance to make achievement and vice versa.
    Moreover, people are always being evaluated during their lives in several situations ranging from university placements to job interviews, most of which based on personality traits. As being successful in these interviews can sometimes guarantee people’s achievement and prospect, and as it is one’s achievement that defines who are they, it can be said that how important the personality is. Hence, there is a reciprocal relationship between personality and the way in which we are defined or described by the society.
    In conclusion, I strongly agree with the idea that our personality describes who a person is on the basis of its importance in the way we are viewed by others and how we are evaluated by the society.

  4. Claire says:

    Thank you, MANJUSHA.

    It is argued that we should understand a person by looking at their personalities. I agree that personality could partly present who that person is, but other factors in life should be considered as well.

    We use personality to talk about a person from different angles. Sometimes we see a person positively and we say that they are hard working, friendly or active. It can also be some more complex description like empathetic, or sympathetic. People can also be described in a negative way, for example, we always say some people are selfish as they only think about themselves. Other people may be seeing the world from a negative perspective all the time, we thus call them a pessimistic person.

    On the other hand, to know a person fully cannot only rely on the single side we see from their personality, there are several other aspects that should be considered as well. Firstly, the life experience is very important when we talk about one person. For example, a person who worked as a doctor may have better understand about life and death. Secondly, qualifications can be added to our understanding of a person, as that represents what academic knowledge and skills are they obtained. Finally, we also care about whether that person is polite and like sharing or not. The family backgrounds and cultural backgrounds can help us to know a person better too.

    In conclusion, we may meet all kinds of people with different personalities. However, that does not represent who that person is, we need to know the person more by considering the other factors, such as life experience, qualifications, politeness or their various backgrounds.

  5. Eduard says:

    Hello MANJUSHA NAMBIAR. I’m so happy because I met your website. I started learning English three months ago. Can you estimate my first essay? Thanks a lot for your hard work.

    The qualities and skills that a person requires to become successful in today’s world cannot be learned at a university or other academic institutions. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    I fully agree with this statement. It is obvious that to become a successful person in today’s world cannot be learned at a university or other academic institutions.
    First of all I would say that development today’s technologies let students or other people who want to get a lot of knowledge do it in their own homes. Nowadays exist lots of sites in worldwide web which help people get truly information if they want it. Except it development social media also helps people to get a necessary information. I mean such services like youtube, twitter, facebook and so on. You can type your question in searching field in youtube then watch video and understand answer with various examples.
    Judging from my own experience I can say that universities or other academic institutions do not guarantee that you will get a good knowledge or education. They do not guarantee that you will get brilliant and excellent results if you will study here. Most of all they teach how to pass different exams, tests, reports and so on. Often you do not need to understand some topic, task or questions. You must only do some actions and pass the exam.
    In conclusion, I would say that if you want to become a successful person in today’s world you must simply want it. It will be enough to achieve this aim. You are not born a successful man you will become this kind of person if really want it and do your best for it. And modern technologies only will help you on this track.

  6. ramneesh nanda says:

    Hi thank you in advance for marking. this will be a lot of help. 🙂
    Personality is something which describes nature as well as the thinking of an individual. In today’s contemporary era an individual’s personality makes a lot of difference for surviving. For instance, a successful salesperson must have a positive attitude and must be extrovert in order to make good sales in the market. This essay shall delve does personality in real life describe a person.
    To begin with, there is saying that, “a good personality always attracts people.” A lot of people can agree to this statement as every person on this earth have their own personality, attitude, and way of living its life. Different people attract to different personality, but the question arises, how do people know the personality of an individual? The answer is an individual’s personality can be found out by talking to them and understanding them.
    However, individuals who are introvert can be a good thinker, philosopher, writer, etc. whereas, the people who are extrovert could become a good leader, teacher. Nevertheless, people who are kind-hearted can never hurt anyone and are always ready to help those in need. Likewise, people who have a lot of anger in themselves get frustrated and angry even on little things in life.
    To put it in the nutshell, an individuals personality can describe the person and people of same personality usually attracts each other. In general, if a person wants to change it’s perosnality it may take a little effort and a lot of hard work.

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