Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In A House And Living In An Apartment

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While some people live in standalone houses others live in apartments. I prefer living in a house because it provides more freedom and privacy. The merits and demerits of both types of residences will be discussed in this essay.

Living in a landed home has many benefits. Mainly, it offers a sense of freedom as the owner can renovate and decorate the house according to their own choice without any restrictions. Moreover, an owned house is a family treasure which makes people proud and elevates their social status.  An independent house offers ample privacy. It is possible to extend the home by building more rooms or other living spaces. On the other hand, security can be an issue, especially for older people living in standalone homes. Houses are also more likely to be located in small towns or rural areas where land prices are low. Consequently, they may not have easy access to railway stations or shopping malls. 

Living in the apartment has its own plus points too. Indeed, mostly flats are built in cities or towns where they have easy access to all fundamental facilities. In addition, they offer additional amenities like gymnasiums, amphitheatres and swimming pools within the premises. Living in a flat is safer than living in a standalone home.  Most apartment complexes have security guards. Also, on the same floor, there will be two to six apartments. This arrangement offers residents ample opportunities to socialize. On the downside, flats are usually cramped spaces. Also, it is not possible to make alterations to the structure. The occupant, for example, cannot add additional living spaces or remove a wall.  Privacy is another issue and occupants are usually exposed to a noisy environment. For example, if someone is sleeping, the noise from the flats below or above can disturb them.

In conclusion, both houses and apartments have their advantages and disadvantages. Houses are more suitable for people who want large living spaces in more private and quieter surroundings. Apartments suit small families that seek more security and easier access to various amenities.

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