Different ways of writing a sentence

By using different sentence patterns we can express the same idea in several different ways.

Study the following sentences. They all mean the same, but they have different structures.

  • Susan, who is working hard, will probably win the first prize.
  • Susan will probably win the first prize because she is working hard.
  • The first prize will probably be won by Susan who is working hard.

More examples are given below.

  • Alice will probably be a singer because she has a golden voice.
  • Alice, who has a golden voice, will probably be a singer.
  • A small, pretty girl walked into the shop.
  • A girl, small and pretty, walked into the shop.
  • A girl, who was small and pretty, walked into the shop.
  • A sharp, pointed knife was used to make the cut.
  • A knife, sharp and pointed, was used to make the cut.
  • A knife which was sharp and pointed was used to make the cut.

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