Developments In Science And Technology Have Caused Environmental Problems | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Developments in science and technology have caused environmental problems. Some people think that a simpler way of life will protect the environment, while others believe that science and technology can solve environmental problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

One of the main causes of / reasons for of environmental damage is advancements in areas of science and technology. According to some people, science will eventually solve all the problems it created and thus reverse the environmental damage; I agree with this view but it may take many more years; for the time being, adopting a simpler life is more effective at reducing environmental problems.

By reducing our consumption of resources, we can reduce environmental damage to a great extent. Everyone of us can contribute our bit by using resources wisely. For example, we should make a conscious effort to avoid the wastage of energy. Likewise, we should not waste food. We should adopt the reduce, reuse and recycle approach in all aspects of life. By simply reducing our consumption, we can not only save resources for future generations, but also reduce our carbon footprint. Planting more trees and switching to renewable sources of energy are other measures that each individual can take to reduce the environmental damage caused by them.

Of course, science will eventually solve the problems it created. For example, plastic is now a major cause of environmental damage. One day, scientists will find a way to produce plastic that decomposes easily. Likewise, fossil fuels cause considerable ecological damage now, but we are already working on green sources of energy.  Of course, it might take centuries for science to solve these problems and by that time we would have further damaged the planet. Hence, there is no harm in adopting a simpler life to reduce further damage.

In conclusion, science will certainly find a way to reverse the damage it caused. However, this may take many more centuries and by that time we will have caused even more damage to the environment. Hence, I believe that adopting a simple life is essential until science can miraculously solve all environmental issues.

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