Development Of Cutting Tools In The Stone Age | IELTS Academic Report Sample

Sample report

The given diagram depicts how cutting tools had developed over 0.6 million years in the Stone Age era. Overall, from 1.4 million years ago to 0.8 million years ago, the cutting tools evolved to be sharper and narrower with more pointed edges. As it is seen from the front view, in the later years, the tools got thicker in the middle with a diameter of approximately 5 cm with a more pointed top as compared to tools from 1.4 million years ago. Next, comparing the back view, 1.4 million years ago, they used to be a bit conical; however, they assumed an oval shape in the later years. In addition, the cuttings were done finer. From the side view, it is visible that the instruments used for cutting became narrower and both upper and the lower ends were made sharper. Also, the width decreased from around 2 cm to 1 cm from the previously mentioned years.

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