Daily Water Consumption For Americans | Band 7.5 Task 1 Academic IELTS Report

The graph below shows the daily water consumption for Americans in their homes. Write a report summarizing the information.

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Band 7.5 IELTS task 1 academic report sample

The given bar chart illustrates the amount of water used by citizens of the US for daily activities. The chart compares the water used with and without implementing water saving techniques. Overall, toilet flushing consumes the highest and dishwasher the least quantity of water. Water consumption is reduced drastically with implementation of water conservation methods. It saves a considerable quantity of water used for flushing toilets, bathing, washing clothes, and loss due to leaks.

Without any saving techniques, water usage is about 20 gallons for toilet flushing, and around 10 gallons are lost due to leaks. With water conservation system in place, water utilised in toilets and that which is lost due to leakage decreased by almost 50% to 10 gallons and 5 gallons respectively. Similarly, saving methods reduced water used for washing clothes by 1/3rd from 15 gallons to about 10 gallon. Water used for bathing also reduced from 13 gallons to 9 gallons after the implementation of saving techniques.

The water saving techniques do not conserve water used in faucets, dishwashers and for other uses. The water used in taps is 10 gallon and the dishwasher consumes the least; it uses 1 gallon of water. Approximately twice as much water as is used by the dishwasher is used for performing other works.

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  1. Harshini says:

    The given bar chart illustrates water usage of citizen of US for their daily routines. While the chars compare the water consumption with and without the utilization of water saving system.

    Overall, water consumption is drastically reduced with implementation of water conservation methods. It saves considerable amount of water in daily activities; namely having a shower, clothes wash, toilet flushing and leaks.

    According to the given figure, toilet flushing consumes the highest while, dishwasher contributes the least to water usage in all given activity. Without implementing water saving technique, flushing toilet and water consume due to leak are contributed to about 20 gallons and 10 gallons, respectively. However, with water conservation technique, rate of water consumption is decreased by approximately 50%. Besides, water uses for having a shower is dropped by one fourth of without having a water saving technique and washing clothes is declined by 30 percentage of 15 gallons.

    Water conservation technique has not made any influence on some routing activities ( washing dishes, faucets using and others). Water usage due to flushing remain constant with 10 gallons of water and nearly other activities have contributed as twice as water uses in washing machine.

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