Cutting Tools In The Stone Age

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Sample report

The illustrations show stone tools used 1.4 million and 0.8 million years ago. Both tools are of the same length (approximately 9 cm); however, there is considerable difference in their appearance, size and shape. It is evident that tool making technology wasn’t developed during the early stages of the Stone Age. The stone tools used 1.4 million years ago had somewhat rounded edges. They were not sharp. They were broad when viewed from the front and back and somewhat thick when viewed from the side. The faces had uneven texture. Interestingly, tool making improved over the millennia and tools became sharper. Stone tools used 0.8 million years ago had very pointed edges. They had broader front and back sides but they were not thick. Actually, they were considerably thinner than the tools used 1.4 million years ago. The faces were not smooth, so, obviously, polishing techniques had not developed; however, people lived at that time knew how to sharpen stones and make tools out of them.

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