Cutting Down Forests Is A Real Environmental Threat | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Cutting down forests is a real environmental threat; yet, this is still happening at a great rate around the world. Why do you think forests are being destroyed? Are there any benefits from the destruction of forests?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Deforestation is a serious threat to the survival of all life forms on the planet. Atmospheric temperature is increasing and this has already led to the extinction of several species of plants and animals. If deforestation continues at the current pace, global temperatures will keep increasing and wreak havoc on planet earth. Yet, we choose to ignore the problems caused by the cutting down of trees.

Although deforestation has some obvious benefits and is needed at times to continue our development, it needs to be monitored by authorities. The most compelling reason for supporting deforestation is the development of our society. Human race has developed continuously since the time we learnt to harness the power of natural resources.

Wood is an important natural resource with myriads of applications. We need abundance of wood in real estate; it is the prime source of fuel for many rural households; we also produce paper from wood. Obviously, this wood comes from trees. The greater the uses of wood, the higher the number of trees cut down. In addition, the growing population needs homes to survive, which also leads to deforestation and forest encroachment. In our bid to build homes for humans, we are encroaching upon the habitats of wild animals.

To conclude, deforestation should be regulated by authorities and should not be done in perfunctory manner. We should all understand the catastrophic impact of climate change and global warming. If we do not act now, our time on earth will be shortened.

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4 Responses

  1. Randa says:

    Recently, deforestation has drastically increased in many countries around the world.And unfortunately, this trend has many detrimental effects on the environment. This essay will discuss my opinion why forests are being destroyed and why I believe that deforestation has little benefits in comparison with its disastrous consequences.

    To begin with, one of the main reasons why governments are forced to cut down forests is the increased population worldwide. To illustrate, with the increased number of citizens in the society, the governments have started destroying the forests in order to provide them with the needed shelters. Another possible reason is mining activities searching for non renewable energy sources such as: petrol and fuel. Undoubtedly, these mining activities has also increased with the over-demand in energy for the large population.

    Although there are some benefits from deforestation, its disadvantages far outweigh its merits. These limited benefits are: Urbanization which provide new shelters to citizens and Mining activities which provide them with the energy they need. On the other hand, decreasing the amount of green areas and forests has catastrophic consequences on our planet. To give a clear example, destroying forests causes rise in greenhouse gases such as: Carbon dioxide, which in turn causes increasing earth temperature, scientifically called global warming. This global warming has the potential to melt the polar ice caps which may increase sea levels causing fatal floods on earth. Therefore, this proves that deforestation is a real environmental threat.

    In conclusion, governments should try to find another way to provide their citizens with shelters and energy and stop the process of deforestation in order to be able to safe the environment.

  2. Sreeja Rajaram says:

    Deforestation is harming the planet, but despite this fact, there does not seem to be any reduction in the rate at which trees are being destroyed. There are many reasons for cutting down trees, ranging from the commercial greed of large companies to the needs of subsistence farmers. This practice does have a few immediate benefits, but they are outweighed by its negative impact.

    Rainforests are being destroyed for a variety of reasons. Firstly, much of the forest in Central and South America has been cleared to raise cattle for the North American beef market. In addition, logging for valuable timbers such as mahogany and teak, which are used to make expensive furniture, has been going on for centuries, as has clear felling for the production of charcoal. Forests are also cut down to make way for plantations to grow food crops such as bananas and sugar cane. In some countries, forests are removed in order to extract precious metals and minerals or to search for new oil deposits. In developing countries, some people need to cut down trees to provide fuel for their daily life, and this is also a significant source of deforestation.

    There are certain benefits to be gained from the harvesting of forests. Primarily, this makes jobs available for local people. It also yields timber for building dwellings and it makes space for growing crops. In countries with struggling economies, timber can be exported for foreign revenue, which can then be used to provide services and infrastructure to improve the lives of citizens.

    To sum up, forests are being cut down mostly to make profits for multi-national companies and to provide resources to the developed world. However, for some people, felling the forest is an age-old way of life for survival. While this practice may provide short-term gains, in the long term it is unsustainable.

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