Countries Are Becoming More And More Similar | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, due to the availability of similar goods all over the world, most nations are looking alike. In my opinion, it is an adverse development as it leads to a rise in carbon emission and the destruction of various cultures.

The most important reason why I believe the availability of the same products everywhere is a negative development is the increase in export. Countries all over the world are selling surplus goods to other countries these days. As a result of this, there is a tremendous increase in the carbon footprint.  For example, flights are the most appropriate and fastest mode for transporting a product to a foreign country. Therefore, there is no doubt that an exotic Kiwi fruit exported from Australia to India leaves a huge amount of harmful gases in the environment.

Another reason to disapprove of this trend is the loss of cultural diversity. In recent times, it is quite possible to transport clothes from one country to another country at a nominal cost. Due to this trend, the popularity of traditional clothes is decreasing. Traditional clothes are linked to the culture of a country. With easy access to exported clothes, people are avoiding conventional clothing of their home countries. Consequently, such development influences our cultural aspects negatively. There is no denying the fact that this trend may even force a culture to disappear permanently.

In conclusion, since the easy accessibility of the same goods all over the world has crippling impacts on the atmosphere and the local culture, it is certainly an adverse development. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use locally produced goods and food items as much as possible.

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4 Responses

  1. harjit says:

    It is irrefutable that due to globalization, international trade has become common and people can buy easily international products at any place. As a result, countries are coming closer. I believe that this change has more pros than cons.

    Now the question is how similarity has become common among countries due to products. First of all, global business has brought a big change. From small to big items produced in different countries can be bought in local supermarkets anywhere around the world. For example, products of Dove such as Dove soap, body lotions, body wash are available in every nook, and corner of the world and people can buy them easily. Moreover, brand products are manufactured using the same raw material at different sites and the same quality is maintained. With this, the resemblance has become common. For instance, though Revlon products are made in different countries and their quality and packing are the same.

    No doubt this development has put some negative impact on national products. They can be seen in local production. People attract towards global products. Thus, local businesses are on the edge of extinction. Secondly, traditional products are disappearing from markets. But we cannot neglect the positive outcomes of this change. Now, global things are cost-effective due to their easy availability. What is more, people have more options and have a better knowledge of them. Moreover, because of this development, the relations between countries are improving. People are becoming familiar with the culture of different nations.

    In conclusion, globalization has brought a big change in the market and make it easier for people to buy a wide range of products at any place. By keeping in mind its benefits, I can say it is a positive development.

  2. Sukra Raj says:

    Due to the advent of technology, this world is shrinking day by day. Anyone can buy anything from wherever they want which make countries more similar. As far as I’m concerned,this is a positive development but it may have negative impact as well.

    In the present context,a person can buy whatever he/she wants and wherever it has been made. Because of this we are able to enjoy the life changing machines or products that are produced in overseas. There will be no differences among countries that helps to maintain equality.
    Morever,a can enjoy products like Television and telephone,means of transportation like cars and motorbikes that are manufactured in another countries that are making our life more convenient .For this reason I believe this is a positive development.

    On the flipside,although we can enjoy the products manufactured outside,it may reduce our productivity.Who else want to produce things themselves if they can purchase easily? Do we totally rely on other countries which is always negative. Everyone search for cheapest and easily available products that’ll surely leads to decresement in sells of homemade goods as seen in Nepal. Our homemade products are often expensive so we prefer to buy foreign product like Chinese goods.We may loose cultural diversity since we follow foreign trend more than our traditional values.

    To conclude,even if it has some negative impact,benefits overweigh

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