About Me

Hi everybody. Welcome to my IELTS blog!

My name is Manjusha and I am the founder and editor of this blog. I have been teaching English online for over 15 years. I started this blog about 6 years ago and today we receive over 15,000 visitors a day. Although this blog gives preparation material for all modules of IELTS, its main focus is on the writing module. I hope you find my blog useful.

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Want to improve your English grammar?

Here at ielts-practice.org, I mainly focus on providing tips for the writing module of IELTS. If you need grammar lessons and exercises to improve your IELTS writing score, please visit my English grammar blog.

My book

My book English Grammar And Usage gives practical tips and tricks to improve your score in the writing module of IELTS. You can buy it for just $3.99.

My blogs

In addition to ielts-practice.org, I run three blogs. You can find the URLs below.

Perfect Your English.com: This is an ESL website that provides free grammar and writing lessons and printable grammar worksheets for English teachers and students.

Discovering India.net: This blog is about India, its people, culture and festivals.

NCERT Guides.com: This blog offers free NCERT solutions.