Consumption Of Three Different Kinds Of Fast Foods In Britain

Sample report

The given graph shows information regarding the amount of three types of fast food – fish and chips, hamburgers and pizza – consumed by an average Brit during the period from 1970 to 1990. Overall, it can be seen that the consumption of fish and chips and hamburgers went up whereas the consumption of pizza declined. In 1970, pizza was the most popular fast food among Brits with an average person consuming 300 grams of it. However, its consumption declined gradually over the years and by 1985, it had reached 200 grams. There was no change in the consumption of pizza over the next five years. Hamburgers were the least popular fast food in 1970 with people consuming only about 25 grams of them. Its consumption steadily increased until 1985 and afterwards, it shot up to 300 grams / person. Brits consumed less than 100 grams of fish and chips in 1970. This figure increased slightly over the next 10 years to reach 150 grams in 1980. Afterwards, its popularity skyrocketed and in 1990, Brits were consuming as much as 500 grams of fish and chips.

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