Computers Today Can Quickly And Accurately Translate Languages, Therefore, It Is A Waste Of Time To Learn A Foreign Language | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

‘Computers today can quickly and accurately translate languages, therefore, it is a waste of time to learn a foreign language.’ To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is a fact that the modern society cannot function without the help of technology and computers. They help us with our everyday life and communication easier by bringing down the language barrier between people as all technological devices have a function that can easily translate almost every language that exists. Still, I do not totally agree with the argument that learning a new language is useless.

On the one hand, I know these computerized devices have brought us, people, closer and have made migration easier. By making communication simpler, computers have managed to make the inclusion of immigrants in society a lot less demanding. For example, a person who has moved recently to a new country can shop trouble-free if they have a phone that can translate. This makes it easy to communicate with the seller. Translating apps can also scan entire documents and thus they are quite helpful for students.

On the other hand, even though recent technology helps us to communicate more easily, an immigrant cannot fully integrate themselves into their new country without speaking the native language. To give an example, in our country different regions use archaic or regional words or phrases that are not easy to translate. No app can get such nuances of the language right. Learning a language is a must if you want to enjoy literature in that language in its original form.

To conclude, I believe that although translating devices have made our life easier, learning new tongues would be to our advantage when we work or live in a foreign country.

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