Computers Can Translate All Kinds Of Languages. Hence Children Will Not Have To Learn Languages | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Computers these days can translate all kinds of languages with greater accuracy. Hence, our children will not need to learn more languages in the future. Do you agree/disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Technology has become so advanced that it can translate any language. Many people believe that because of technological support, it is no longer necessary to teach children any additional language. In my opinion, I completely disagree with the statement because over-dependence on computers affects our personal growth and also it leads to a communication gap.

Communication through technology will lead to lack of understanding among the people. The same word can have different meanings in different contexts. Likewise, different words can have the same meaning. Using a particular word in the right context requires some special skills which computer applications do not possess. For instance, club, band, association and group are all synonyms of society but not all of them can fit in one particular context; therefore there will be some lack of clarity when computers are used to translate. A language is an expression of a culture which only a human being can understand properly.

At the same time, over dependence on computers affects our personal growth. When we expose children to the technology to translate a language, then we become over dependent on computers. The result is that we fail to develop our intellectual abilities, which further hinders our ability to solve complex problems. Thus, the cognitive ability to perform a particular task tends to diminish. Furthermore, we will not have access to technology every time and everywhere. For example, in remote places we will not be able to make use of technology due to lack of support; therefore, in those cases, we need to develop our own learning skills in order to communicate with the locals.

In conclusion, over dependence on computers will spoil our intellectual development and also such technology can create communication gap among the people.

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