Computers Are Replacing Humans. Do You Agree Or Disagree? | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Computers are replacing humans. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELS essay sample

It is certainly true that due to the advancement in technology, computers are being used in every field. Hence, I agree with the argument that humans are being replaced by computers in various fields as computers have various efficient features like speed and accuracy. They can also work tirelessly.

To embark on, there are a number of reasons behind the replacement of man power by computers. Firstly, humans cannot work for long hours with the same energy but computers are indefatigable and able to work for a long time without any impact on quality of results. That’s why many helpline departments like customer care, ambulance services etc, are eliminating the employees and relying on computers. Secondly, machines provide utterly immaculate outputs but in case of humans, there may be a possibility of laxity or errors. Therefore, many fields demanding accuracy like accounting and tax services prefer computers instead of manual workers.

In addition, it is evident that computers can perform tasks much faster than humans. Many workplaces hire computer machines for maintaining records, booking appointments and managing so many other things, because nobody would like to waste their precious time when another reliable option is there. So, it goes without saying that computers are being preferred in various employment sectors because of their reliability.

To wrap up, due to the arrival of computers, humans are being considered less suitable for various jobs and being gradually eliminated from the workplace. Why I do not expect computers to fully replace humans as they still need to be operated by humans, in my opinion, the dependency on computers will only increase in the coming years and that will render many more people jobless.

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