Computer And Online Gaming Should Be Banned At School | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Computer and online gaming should be banned for students at school as they have no educational value.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, computer and online games are extremely popular among students. Some people insist that children should be prohibited from playing these games at school because they do not serve any educational purpose. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, games should not be banned because they do offer certain benefits and some of them are educational. However, teachers should limit the amount of time children can play such games.

To begin with, young people are fascinated by electronic gadgets. They play games whenever they get an opportunity. This certainly is bad because playing online games for long hours affects the health and academic progress of students. Even so, banning them at school is not the solution because they do offer many benefits to students. Computer games help children unwind after a boring lecture or practical session. Nowadays, children are under tremendous academic pressure. They need a short break every few hours. If they are made to sit in the classroom for hours on end listening to lectures, their grades will only suffer. Asking them to play outside is possible only during favourable weather conditions. Inclement weather will confine kids to the classroom and during those times, online games provide them the much needed relaxation. Also, playing online games allows them to enhance their cognitive and problem solving skills. These games require a great deal of concentration and can actually boost the brain development of children when played in moderation.

However, it is important for teachers to limit the amount of time children get to play these games. Studies have shown that sitting in front of a computer or a console can cause eyestrain, headache and several other health problems. Also, excessive gaming may make children aloof and they may refuse to socialize with their peers, friends and neighbours. This will hurt their self confidence and also divert their attention from their studies. Hence, gaming should be permitted for only limited amounts of time.

In conclusion, online games educate and entertain kids; hence, they should not be banned at schools. However, it is important to limit the amount of time children can play online.

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