Companies Should Get Their Employees In Decision Making

Companies top-level authorities should get their employees in decision-making.

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It is often debated whether employers should involve their employees in the decision-making process. In my opinion, they should. When employees have their say in the management of the company, they will be able to make greater contributions.

Employees feel valued when the management listens to their suggestions. This makes them feel loyal to the company and they are less likely to leave. Attrition is one of the main problems that many organizations face today and one of the factors that force employees to leave an organization is that they have no involvement in the management of the company. By keeping employees in the loop about all things relevant to them, the company can enhance their idea of self worth.

In addition, bringing staff members on board for project planning strengthens the relationship between the management and the workers and ultimately increases the productivity of the organization. For example, when sales executives are allowed to participate in the monthly sales target meeting they will get the opportunity to raise their opinions and concerns regarding the sales strategies and recommend new sales markets. This enables them to estimate revenue and risks.

Likewise, when employees are directly involved in decision making they take ownership for their actions. They realize that the success as well as the failure of the organization depends on them. Obviously, this is a great reason for them to give their best to the organization.

In conclusion, involving staff members in the decision-making process is beneficial for all and helps to raise the profit margin of the organization.

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  1. Farhan Abbas says:

    Companies top-level authorities should get their employees in decision-making. Do you agree or disagree?

    Decision making holds the key to success for an organization. Either the senior authorities invite and involve the juniors in future planning of businesses or they enforce their own plans. While totally agreeing with the democratic style, I believe consultation with the junior members of management increases their confidence and enhances their loyalty with the employer.

    To begin with, the active participation of middle and junior levels of the workforce in companies bring a sense of encouragement and boost their confidence levels. The staff members begin to believe that they are considered an integral part of the organization and hence start thinking for the betterment and prosperous future of the company. Thus overall output levels increase and prove beneficial for both sides. For instance, it has been commonly observed that when teachers are taken aboard in planning the syllabus for upcoming sessions, it immensely improves their teaching methodology and skill.

    Furthermore, the involvement of subordinates in key management activities inculcates a great deal of encouragement and develops a sense of ownership. This subsequently makes them loyal to the organization. Which is a key ingredient for teamwork and group is seen as working with more zeal and zest. The same spirit can be observed in numerous successful businesses, like, Google Inc. that always prefers to follow a bottom-up approach while considering new projects. Hence the significance of bringing lower-level employees is established.

    In conclusion, it can be confirmed that the involvement of the junior staff proves not only beneficial for the business concern but also for the development of the workforce.

  2. Sarbjeet Singh says:

    Since the last decades, the working infrastructure of companies has been gradually changing. Some people argue that the management of organizations must involve workers in taking managerial decisions. I agree with this statement because this phenomenon encourages employees and increases the annual turnover of companies.

    The participation of staff in making decisions such as research, production and marketing puts an appreciable impact on them. As a result, they consider themselves a part of the management and always work hard to give better results to companies’ authorities. For example, a sales manager who recently asked for an opinion by the CEO to improve sales of products will research new advertisement approaches in the future and feel confident about his presentation in the company. Consequently, involving workers in taking decisions at the top levels is always advantageous to both staff and management.

    Employees have vital knowledge and experience of the real world since they face clients directly and work in actual working conditions. Such information helps the management in resolving issues related to productivity and enhancing manufacturing cycle very easily. This not only makes industries’ financial muscles strong but also jumps them forward in the race of market competition. For instance, A marketing team often have a better idea about the upcoming products from other brands. Hence, getting their views about new project plan can save a company from a huge loss if another competitor is going to launch the same product shortly. Eventually, it is evident that this trend empowers the yearly revenue of companies.

    In conclusion, in my opinion, the management departments of companies should consider employees in making decisions.

    • ielts practice says:

      Content is good. Grammar as always needs improvement. This is close to band 7 but not yet there.

      • Sarbjeet Singh says:

        I have a question here, Do I make mistake in Articles, Verb forms Or not use right word to express my thought?

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