Companies Are Becoming More Concerned With Profit Than With The Happiness Of Employees | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It seems that many companies today are becoming much more concerned with profit than with the happiness of workers. How could companies take better care of their workers in the future? Give reasons to your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Most companies these days are driven by profit and fail to take care of the well-being of their employees. This newly emerged trend can severely damage the professional relationships between employers and employees, leading to disagreements which eventually hamper the work quality. Hence, all those companies that aim to be successful must look after their workers’ well-being first. Here are a few reasons why companies are chasing profit at the expense of employees and how it can be prevented in future.

In a country like India, even a mid-sized company faces hefty competition. In order to tackle this competition, they simply pressurize the employees to perform better. The situation is even worse in the private sector, where professional work laws are not implemented or lack enforcement. For example, there are media houses like NewsX, where most employees have to extend their regular work hours almost every day and work for about 11 hours in a day, in order to provide fast coverage of news.

There are a number of ways by which this problem can be resolved effectively. Enterprises must implement and follow robust employee friendly policies that allow fixed working hours, adequate leaves, flexible timings, etc. for a good work-life balance. Apart from this, they should offer great motivation either in the form of good appraisals or wages, or by extending other monetary perks. For example, a diamond merchant, Savji Dholakia gifted Rs 1 crore Mercedes car to some of his employees after they completed 25 years of service. 

To sum up, companies need to opt for / adopt a more balanced approach towards employees instead of running after revenues. Since employees can determine the success and failure of the company, keeping them happy would eventually lead to success and business prosperity.

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4 Responses

  1. Fada Qwe says:

    Question: Universities should develop methods to support students who come from rural and disadvantageous backgrounds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    The college attainment gap between rural and urban students is widening as disadvantaged students are unable to bear the expense of university education. Hence, universities ought to follow certain methodologies that enable these students to acquire university education.

    Education plays a paramount role to achieve success in life and therefore, should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, students from economically backward areas are unable to pursue university education due to lack of financial resources. Therefore, universities could provide need-based scholarships to these students. Furthermore, they can make a provision to allocate certain percentage of seats for these less privileged students which would motivate and aid them to pursue university education.

    In addition to this, universities can provide free of cost distance learning classes as well as laptops and other study materials to these students when there is no seat available for on-campus admission. This will allow larger number of students to get university degree without worrying about the finances. As a result, more educated and skillful people are produced in the socio-economically backward areas. This would help overall development of that area which consequently will help in nation’s prosperity.

    Some may argue that it is unfair for the urban students, if universities prioritize students from rural backgrounds as they feel such initiatives could limit the funds and scholarships available to them. However, I think universities can tackle this concern by balancing the funds and seats on basis of need and merits. This will not hinder the education of talented regular students as well as it will avail in poorer students to access university education.

    In conclusion, I believe that universities should initiate various admission methodologies such as funds, seat allocation and distance learning to assist underprivileged students to get higher education.

  2. Bhavya lakshmi says:

    It is a fact that most of the booming corporate companies are purely profit oriented and they hardly give importance to the welfare of their employees. There are plenty of ways through which the employer could provide better care for their workers in the coming years that are discussed in this essay.

    Periodical performance appraisal is one of the best methods to appreciate the achievement of employees as well as to enhance their confidence to perform better. Through monthly appraisal programs, the best performer can be identified during each month end and can be given a token of appreciation. A study conducted among corporate companies revealed that the workers in those companies who conduct performance appraisal programs are more likely to work hard than those who do not have such activities.

    Furthermore, employee training program is the other way to update the knowledge and skills of the workers so that they could work with maximum perfection and enthusiasm. Moving to foreign countries and other places also gives them a change from their routine work environment and makes their professional life much interesting. Several surveys conducted among workers employed in different areas concluded that employees who are getting periodical training programs are more satisfied and interested to continue the same job.

    Yet another important decision the employer could make for his fellow workers is regarding the improvisation of the working infrastructure that suits the employee both physically and mentally. This includes installing ergonomically suitable furniture and electronic devices that could cause less health problems to the workers. The employers also have to solve the disputes between the employees if any, in order to maintain a healthy work environment in the company.

    To make it brief, it is undeniably true that most of the multinational companies are running behind monetary benefits without providing adequate importance for the welfare of their employees. In my view, through various interventions like periodical work appraisal, employee training programs and providing better work environment could make the employees much satisfied and interested in their company and profession.

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