College Accommodation | Band 7 IELTS Letter Sample

You have gained admission in a prestigious college. Now you have to arrange for accommodation. Write a letter to college authorities stating your likes and dislikes in the choice of food and accommodation.

Here is a band 7 IELTS letter on this topic. Need help with writing? Get your writing samples corrected by me.

Band 7 IELTS letter sample

Dear Sir,

My name is XXX and I recently I got admission to your Bachelor’s programme in computer science through online counselling. My classes start from October 3. Since I need campus accommodation, I thought I would write a letter making my preferences clear.

First of all, I need campus accommodation and I do not really want to share my room with anyone. Ideally, my room should have air conditioning and proper lighting. As for the furniture, I would like a study table.

I am a vegetarian, so I would like to know the options available for people like me. Are vegetarian meals served in the campus canteen? I enjoy cooking so would it be possible for me to cook my own food?

If accommodation is not available on campus, please help me find a guest room near the college. I would prefer a studio apartment with attached bathroom and kitchen.

Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely


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